Latest important earthquakes
5,63ZZEarthquake740 km north-east of Whangarei
4,7CLEarthquake Queule
4,8IDEarthquake Tadu
4,9ZZEarthquake231 km ENE of Gisborne, New Zealand
4,9JPEarthquake Takou

Last earthquakes in the USA
1,93USEarthquake Lake Mary
1,7USEarthquake Iniskin
2,2USEarthquake Chulitna
1,1USEarthquake Mount Montgomery
1,1USEarthquake Skidoo (historical)

Earthquakes in these last days

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Magnitude below 1

Magnitude between 1 and 2.5

Magnitude between 2.5 and 4.5

Magnitude above 4.5

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Most important in the last 30 days
7,2JPEarthquake Yoriisohama
7JPEarthquake Ogatsuchō-ōsu
6,9RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,9RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,6RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,13NZEarthquake Horoera
6,1IDEarthquake Talawid
6IDEarthquake Balaikambang
6NZEarthquake Horoera
6FJEarthquake Matokana
6PGEarthquake Kolang
6DZEarthquake Bejaïa
5,9IDEarthquake Laluhala
5,9NZEarthquake Hicks Bay
5,9JPEarthquake Karimata
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