Latest important earthquakes
5,2MPEarthquake Alamagan Village
4,7MPEarthquake Pagan Village
4,7MPEarthquake Alamagan Village
4,92ZZEarthquake1020 km north-east of Whangarei
4,7MXEarthquake Las Canoas

Last earthquakes in the USA
1,14USEarthquake Black Oaks
0,6USEarthquake Cahuilla
0,55USEarthquake Pine Grove
0,5USEarthquake Linnie
0,93USEarthquake Kaunēnē

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Earthquakes GF French Guiana

4 referenced (1 to 4)
3,4GF Earthquake Les Roches
(18.20km away [11.31 miles]) (9/29/2017 9:08:45 AM UTC -)
4,4GF Earthquake Pointe Isère
(191.44km away [118.96 miles]) (12/11/2007 5:34:46 PM UTC -)
5GF Earthquake Kaw
(25.19km away [15.65 miles]) (6/8/2006 4:29:13 PM UTC -)
4,6GF Earthquake Les Roches
(349.59km away [217.23 miles]) (10/18/1989 3:32:19 PM UTC -)

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Most important in the last 30 days
7,2JPEarthquake Yoriisohama
7JPEarthquake Ogatsuchō-ōsu
6,9RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,9RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,6RUEarthquake Kronoki
6,13NZEarthquake Horoera
6,1IDEarthquake Talawid
6IDEarthquake Balaikambang
6NZEarthquake Horoera
6FJEarthquake Matokana
6PGEarthquake Kolang
6DZEarthquake Bejaïa
5,9IDEarthquake Laluhala
5,9NZEarthquake Hicks Bay
5,9JPEarthquake Karimata
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