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Quarry blast 18.66km (11.59 miles) away from Inperial Gables (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of occurred on Wednesday, January 22, 1986 at 10:40:10 PM UTC (and Wednesday, January 22, 1986 at 2:40:10 PM local time) 18.66km (11.59 miles) away from Inperial Gables (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :1/22/1986 10:40:10 PM
Updated (UTC) :2/4/2016 2:00:30 AM
Mag. Type
Depth-0.34 km (-0.21 miles)
TypeQuarry blast
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM ? Quarry Blast - 42km E of Niland, CA
42km E of Niland, CA

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Cities near this earthquake

US Inperial Gables18.66km away (11.59 miles)
US Acolita22.02km away (13.68 miles)
US Amos22.20km away (13.79 miles)
US Mesquite25.12km away (15.61 miles)
US Tortuga26.64km away (16.55 miles)
US Glamis27.55km away (17.12 miles)
US Iris31.45km away (19.54 miles)
US Ruthven33.04km away (20.53 miles)
US Paymaster Landing35.59km away (22.12 miles)
US Clyde37.86km away (23.52 miles)
US Palo Verde37.89km away (23.54 miles)171 inhabitants
US Cibola38.70km away (24.05 miles)250 inhabitants
US Munyon39.24km away (24.38 miles)
US Nommel Place40.18km away (24.96 miles)
US Wiest40.75km away (25.32 miles)
US Estelle41.37km away (25.71 miles)
US Butlers (historical)41.45km away (25.76 miles)
US Mayflower (historical)41.59km away (25.84 miles)
US Niland41.61km away (25.85 miles)1 006 inhabitants
US Moss41.68km away (25.90 miles)

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