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Quarry blast 0.43km (0.27 miles) away from Unac (France)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.7 occurred on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 11:59:57 AM UTC (and Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 12:59:57 PM local time) 0.43km (0.27 miles) away from Unac (France) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :11/7/2019 11:59:57 AM
Mag. TypeMLv
Depth0.00 km (0.00 miles)
TypeQuarry blast
Other informationSéisme de magnitude 1.7 à 35km de Andorra la Vella

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(2.89km away [1.79 miles]) (07/08/2020 11:15:04 UTC -)
1,3FR Quarry blast Caussou
(2.86km away [1.77 miles]) (07/08/2020 11:08:21 UTC -)
1FR Quarry blast Salses-le-Château
(3.30km away [2.05 miles]) (04/08/2020 09:35:35 UTC -)
1,2ES Earthquake Erill la Vall
(5.49km away [3.41 miles]) (04/08/2020 00:53:20 UTC -)
1,4FR Earthquake Rieux-Minervois
(2.67km away [1.66 miles]) (03/08/2020 21:01:49 UTC -)
1,9FR Earthquake Caussou
(0.67km away [0.42 miles]) (31/07/2020 15:40:12 UTC -)
1,4FR Quarry blast Espira-de-l’Agly
(1.94km away [1.21 miles]) (30/07/2020 06:04:53 UTC -)
2,5ES Earthquake Soriguerola
(1.08km away [0.67 miles]) (29/07/2020 21:05:06 UTC -)
0,9ES Earthquake Urús
(0.79km away [0.49 miles]) (29/07/2020 13:55:10 UTC -)
2ES Earthquake Riu de Cerdanya
(2.17km away [1.35 miles]) (29/07/2020 13:54:23 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

FR Unac0.43km away (0.27 miles)123 inhabitants
FR Bestiac1.10km away (0.68 miles)12 inhabitants
FR Luzenac1.28km away (0.80 miles)669 inhabitants
FR Vernaux1.83km away (1.13 miles)29 inhabitants
FR Perles-et-Castelet1.92km away (1.19 miles)168 inhabitants
FR Tignac2.07km away (1.29 miles)17 inhabitants
FR Garanou2.38km away (1.48 miles)162 inhabitants
FR Caussou2.43km away (1.51 miles)87 inhabitants
FR Lordat2.79km away (1.74 miles)49 inhabitants
FR Vaychis3.06km away (1.90 miles)35 inhabitants
FR Axiat3.18km away (1.98 miles)36 inhabitants
FR Lassur3.56km away (2.21 miles)67 inhabitants
FR Urs4.00km away (2.49 miles)27 inhabitants
FR Savignac-les-Ormeaux4.73km away (2.94 miles)432 inhabitants
FR Vèbre4.88km away (3.03 miles)131 inhabitants
FR Appy4.99km away (3.10 miles)9 inhabitants
FR Ignaux6.03km away (3.75 miles)62 inhabitants
FR Caychax6.06km away (3.76 miles)19 inhabitants
FR Albiès6.45km away (4.01 miles)165 inhabitants
FR Ax-les-Thermes6.74km away (4.19 miles)1 510 inhabitants

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