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Mining explosion 19.03km (11.83 miles) away from Zouerate (Mauritania)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 occurred on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4:34:00 PM UTC (and Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 4:34:00 PM local time) 19.03km (11.83 miles) away from Zouerate (Mauritania) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :3/22/2016 4:34:00 PM
Updated (UTC) :6/9/2016 9:41:56 PM
Mag. Typemb
Depth0.00 km (0.00 miles)
TypeMining explosion
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.4 Mining Explosion - 16km SSE of Zouerate, Mau
16km SSE of Zouerate, Mauritania

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(13.09km away [8.13 miles]) (18/05/2016 17:27:43 UTC -)
4,1MR Mining explosion Zouerate
(11.29km away [7.02 miles]) (07/06/2015 13:20:24 UTC -)
4,4MR Earthquake Zouerate
(35.53km away [22.08 miles]) (09/02/2015 16:56:59 UTC -)
4MR Mining explosion Zouerate
(36.28km away [22.54 miles]) (09/09/2014 18:35:00 UTC -)
4,5MR Earthquake Zouerate
(39.30km away [24.42 miles]) (07/08/2014 19:46:42 UTC -)
4,2MR Earthquake Zouerate
(19.12km away [11.88 miles]) (18/06/2014 16:20:06 UTC -)
4,1MR Earthquake Zouerate
(66.13km away [41.09 miles]) (03/06/2014 13:54:46 UTC -)
4,1MR Earthquake Zouerate
(49.15km away [30.54 miles]) (18/03/2014 15:09:55 UTC -)
4MR Earthquake Zouerate
(54.55km away [33.90 miles]) (11/03/2014 15:55:42 UTC -)
4,3MR Earthquake Zouerate
(38.00km away [23.61 miles]) (06/01/2014 13:40:26 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

MR Zouerate19.03km away (11.83 miles)38 000 inhabitants
EH Hasi el Fauuar32.93km away (20.46 miles)
MR Fdérik34.56km away (21.47 miles)
MR Touâjîl52.12km away (32.39 miles)
EH Agüenit85.28km away (52.99 miles)
MA Mijek110.11km away (68.42 miles)
MR Falaklak151.61km away (94.21 miles)
MA Gleibet El Foula166.74km away (103.61 miles)275 inhabitants
MR Choûm157.50km away (97.87 miles)
EH Hasi Chor154.20km away (95.82 miles)

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