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Earthquake 1.99km (1.24 miles) away from Rana (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.12 occurred on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 10:53:41 AM UTC (and Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 2:53:41 AM local time) 1.99km (1.24 miles) away from Rana (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :6/9/2019 10:53:41 AM
Updated (UTC) :6/9/2019 10:57:20 AM
Mag. Typeml
Depth16.50 km (10.25 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 1.1 - 4km SW of San Bernardino, CA
4km SW of San Bernardino, CA

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(6.12km away [3.80 miles]) (12/08/2020 16:35:29 UTC -)
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(14.74km away [9.16 miles]) (12/08/2020 12:38:42 UTC -)
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(5.60km away [3.48 miles]) (12/08/2020 12:32:05 UTC -)
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(10.20km away [6.34 miles]) (12/08/2020 07:00:37 UTC -)
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(5.63km away [3.50 miles]) (12/08/2020 04:27:41 UTC -)
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(2.00km away [1.24 miles]) (12/08/2020 03:31:45 UTC -)
1,22US Earthquake San Ignacio
(15.97km away [9.92 miles]) (11/08/2020 23:55:58 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Rana1.99km away (1.24 miles)
US San Bernardino2.77km away (1.72 miles)216 108 inhabitants
US Bunker Hill3.19km away (1.98 miles)
US Bethune3.30km away (2.05 miles)
US Colton3.77km away (2.34 miles)54 621 inhabitants
US Valley Gardens4.56km away (2.83 miles)
US Rialto4.65km away (2.89 miles)103 132 inhabitants
US Cottage Gardens4.69km away (2.92 miles)
US Garden Park5.00km away (3.11 miles)
US Warm Springs5.15km away (3.20 miles)
US Arrowhead5.41km away (3.36 miles)
US West Colton5.43km away (3.37 miles)
US Muscoy5.68km away (3.53 miles)10 644 inhabitants
US Valencia6.18km away (3.84 miles)
US North Norton6.18km away (3.84 miles)
US East Colton Heights6.86km away (4.27 miles)
US Warm Springs6.87km away (4.27 miles)
US North Loma Linda7.06km away (4.39 miles)
US Victoria7.25km away (4.51 miles)
US Arrowhead Farms7.36km away (4.57 miles)

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