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Earthquake 1.89km (1.18 miles) away from Point MacKenzie (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1 occurred on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 12:48:03 PM UTC (and Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 3:48:03 AM local time) 1.89km (1.18 miles) away from Point MacKenzie (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :9/11/2019 12:48:03 PM
Updated (UTC) :9/11/2019 12:51:36 PM
Mag. Typeml
Depth36.80 km (22.87 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 1.0 - 14km NNW of Anchorage, Alaska
14km NNW of Anchorage, Alaska

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(17.15km away [10.66 miles]) (21/02/2020 04:40:04 UTC -)
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1,6US Earthquake Peninsula Park Estates
(11.22km away [6.97 miles]) (20/02/2020 13:18:44 UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Point MacKenzie
(6.92km away [4.30 miles]) (20/02/2020 12:57:17 UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Willow
(12.35km away [7.67 miles]) (20/02/2020 12:34:51 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake McDougal (historical)
(22.18km away [13.78 miles]) (20/02/2020 12:31:02 UTC -)
1,2US Earthquake Susitna
(12.56km away [7.80 miles]) (20/02/2020 09:18:16 UTC -)
2,3US Earthquake Point MacKenzie
(6.23km away [3.87 miles]) (20/02/2020 04:58:20 UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake Kustatan
(6.42km away [3.99 miles]) (20/02/2020 04:52:02 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Point MacKenzie1.89km away (1.18 miles)529 inhabitants
US John Fitzgerald Kennedy City10.69km away (6.64 miles)
US Tuomi11.26km away (7.00 miles)
US Anchorage14.89km away (9.25 miles)298 695 inhabitants
US Downtown15.17km away (9.43 miles)
US Wilson Village15.17km away (9.43 miles)
US Glen Alps15.19km away (9.44 miles)
US Chester15.76km away (9.79 miles)
US Lange16.11km away (10.01 miles)
US Lingo16.21km away (10.07 miles)
US Thompson16.43km away (10.21 miles)
US Romig16.53km away (10.27 miles)
US Mountain View16.55km away (10.28 miles)
US Blanchard16.59km away (10.31 miles)
US Anchor Terrace16.60km away (10.31 miles)
US Rainbow16.65km away (10.35 miles)
US Fairview16.70km away (10.38 miles)
US Turnagain Heights16.74km away (10.40 miles)
US East Chester16.96km away (10.54 miles)
US Rees17.08km away (10.62 miles)

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