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Earthquake 11.19km (6.95 miles) away from Mesa Camp (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of occurred on Thursday, September 4, 1986 at 1:13:53 PM UTC (and Thursday, September 4, 1986 at 5:13:53 AM local time) 11.19km (6.95 miles) away from Mesa Camp (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :9/4/1986 1:13:53 PM
Updated (UTC) :12/6/2016 5:52:41 AM
Mag. Type
Depth3.99 km (2.48 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM ? - Central California
Central California

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Cities near this earthquake

US Mesa Camp11.19km away (6.95 miles)
US Hammil13.21km away (8.21 miles)
US Chalfant Valley14.79km away (9.19 miles)
US Sunny Slopes14.94km away (9.28 miles)182 inhabitants
US Swall Meadows15.33km away (9.53 miles)220 inhabitants
US Toms Place15.59km away (9.69 miles)
US Aspen Springs18.51km away (11.50 miles)65 inhabitants
US Mesa19.76km away (12.28 miles)251 inhabitants
US South Landing19.83km away (12.32 miles)
US Alta Vista20.45km away (12.70 miles)
US Round Valley20.68km away (12.85 miles)435 inhabitants
US North Landing21.22km away (13.18 miles)
US Crowley Lake21.35km away (13.27 miles)
US Rovana22.29km away (13.85 miles)
US Benton Hot Springs22.96km away (14.27 miles)
US Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek24.62km away (15.30 miles)2 645 inhabitants
US Glenwood Mobile Estates25.14km away (15.62 miles)
US Benton25.17km away (15.64 miles)280 inhabitants
US Meadow Farms Trailer Park25.19km away (15.65 miles)
US Brockmans Corner25.26km away (15.69 miles)

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