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Earthquake 56.14km (34.88 miles) away from Denali (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.9 occurred on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 11:22:55 PM UTC (and Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 2:22:55 PM local time) 56.14km (34.88 miles) away from Denali (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :11/13/2019 11:22:55 PM
Updated (UTC) :11/13/2019 11:28:18 PM
Mag. Typeml
Depth55.80 km (34.67 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 1.9 - 75km SSE of Cantwell, Alaska
75km SSE of Cantwell, Alaska

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,5US Earthquake Chickaloon
(42.93km away [26.68 miles]) (11/12/2019 10:46:45 UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Caswell
(2.79km away [1.73 miles]) (10/12/2019 12:04:51 UTC -)
2,2US Earthquake Nelchina (historical)
(13.18km away [8.19 miles]) (10/12/2019 08:43:17 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Y
(4.20km away [2.61 miles]) (09/12/2019 11:14:13 UTC -)
2US Earthquake Caswell
(2.71km away [1.68 miles]) (09/12/2019 09:58:33 UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Denali
(41.92km away [26.05 miles]) (09/12/2019 01:09:14 UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Y
(24.81km away [15.41 miles]) (07/12/2019 10:14:23 UTC -)
2,2US Earthquake Chickaloon
(19.50km away [12.12 miles]) (07/12/2019 07:50:41 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Gold Creek
(22.33km away [13.88 miles]) (07/12/2019 06:00:15 UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Chickaloon
(46.26km away [28.74 miles]) (07/12/2019 02:10:04 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Denali56.14km away (34.88 miles)
US Chulitna70.52km away (43.82 miles)
US Broad Pass (historical)71.82km away (44.63 miles)
US Colorado73.92km away (45.93 miles)
US Summit74.75km away (46.45 miles)
US Cantwell75.48km away (46.90 miles)219 inhabitants
US Gold Creek75.87km away (47.15 miles)
US Tyone Village82.27km away (51.12 miles)
US Curry94.47km away (58.70 miles)
US Nelchina (historical)95.01km away (59.04 miles)
US Lake Louise102.94km away (63.96 miles)46 inhabitants
US Chase104.65km away (65.03 miles)34 inhabitants
US McKinley Park109.39km away (67.97 miles)185 inhabitants
US Matanuska (historical)110.06km away (68.39 miles)
US Eureka Roadhouse110.16km away (68.45 miles)29 inhabitants
US Tahneta Pass Lodge110.52km away (68.68 miles)
US Y110.66km away (68.76 miles)1 260 inhabitants
US Talkeetna111.19km away (69.09 miles)876 inhabitants
US Chickaloon112.80km away (70.09 miles)272 inhabitants
US Glacier View114.42km away (71.10 miles)234 inhabitants

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