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Earthquake 54.25km (33.71 miles) away from Cos Jacket (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.6 occurred on Friday, September 6, 2019 at 11:32:28 PM UTC (and Friday, September 6, 2019 at 2:32:28 PM local time) 54.25km (33.71 miles) away from Cos Jacket (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :9/6/2019 11:32:28 PM
Updated (UTC) :9/7/2019 5:13:56 PM
Mag. Typeml
Depth10.60 km (6.59 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.6 - 66km SSW of Tanana, Alaska
66km SSW of Tanana, Alaska

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2,1US Earthquake Lake Minchumina
(58.49km away [36.35 miles]) (18/02/2020 04:40:08 UTC -)
1,5US Earthquake Baker
(10.00km away [6.22 miles]) (16/02/2020 12:15:12 UTC -)
2,2US Earthquake Toklat
(4.39km away [2.73 miles]) (15/02/2020 11:14:43 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Cos Jacket
(2.50km away [1.56 miles]) (15/02/2020 00:28:05 UTC -)
1,5US Earthquake Manley Hot Springs
(21.48km away [13.34 miles]) (15/02/2020 00:25:25 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Tozikakat (historical)
(36.68km away [22.79 miles]) (12/02/2020 13:16:51 UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Diamond (historical)
(6.32km away [3.93 miles]) (06/02/2020 08:35:52 UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Bearpaw
(17.36km away [10.79 miles]) (03/02/2020 09:00:21 UTC -)
2,2US Earthquake Lake Minchumina
(33.96km away [21.10 miles]) (31/01/2020 03:38:16 UTC -)
2,1US Earthquake Manley Hot Springs
(26.20km away [16.28 miles]) (30/01/2020 03:42:16 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Cos Jacket54.25km away (33.71 miles)
US Tozikakat (historical)62.47km away (38.82 miles)
US Tanana66.11km away (41.08 miles)244 inhabitants
US Grant Creek72.87km away (45.28 miles)
US Kallands74.14km away (46.07 miles)
US Lake Minchumina78.66km away (48.87 miles)13 inhabitants
US Woodchopper (historical)82.00km away (50.95 miles)
US Birches83.10km away (51.63 miles)
US Tofty89.78km away (55.79 miles)
US Manley Hot Springs93.72km away (58.23 miles)89 inhabitants
US Toklat98.16km away (60.99 miles)
US Bearpaw98.46km away (61.18 miles)
US Baker99.38km away (61.75 miles)
US Diamond (historical)105.21km away (65.37 miles)
US Tohnokalong (historical)106.35km away (66.08 miles)
US Tutlut (historical)114.50km away (71.15 miles)
US Soonkakat (historical)115.51km away (71.78 miles)
US Kokrines117.37km away (72.93 miles)
US Denali National Park120.71km away (75.01 miles)217 inhabitants
US Eureka120.72km away (75.01 miles)

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