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Earthquake 5.60km (3.48 miles) away from Chianti (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 0.58 occurred on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:14:12 AM UTC (and Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 6:14:12 PM local time) 5.60km (3.48 miles) away from Chianti (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :10/13/2019 2:14:12 AM
Updated (UTC) :10/13/2019 2:33:04 AM
Mag. Typemd
Depth3.79 km (2.35 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 0.6 - 10km ESE of Cloverdale, CA
10km ESE of Cloverdale, CA

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

0,89US Earthquake Mercuryville
(2.75km away [1.71 miles]) (22/10/2019 16:41:53 UTC -)
0,56US Earthquake Mercuryville
(2.77km away [1.72 miles]) (22/10/2019 16:41:34 UTC -)
1,27US Earthquake Kellogg
(5.83km away [3.62 miles]) (22/10/2019 15:36:01 UTC -)
0,88US Earthquake Black Oaks
(2.57km away [1.60 miles]) (22/10/2019 15:29:41 UTC -)
0,32US Earthquake Mercuryville
(2.34km away [1.45 miles]) (22/10/2019 15:08:37 UTC -)
1,04US Earthquake Mercuryville
(2.82km away [1.75 miles]) (22/10/2019 14:54:08 UTC -)
1,09US Earthquake Black Oaks
(2.48km away [1.54 miles]) (22/10/2019 14:43:40 UTC -)
0,62US Earthquake Mercuryville
(3.85km away [2.39 miles]) (22/10/2019 12:55:52 UTC -)
0,91US Earthquake Black Oaks
(2.00km away [1.25 miles]) (22/10/2019 11:42:20 UTC -)
0,32US Earthquake Black Oaks
(3.00km away [1.86 miles]) (22/10/2019 11:12:40 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Chianti5.60km away (3.48 miles)
US Asti5.81km away (3.61 miles)
US Omus6.86km away (4.26 miles)
US Mercuryville7.67km away (4.77 miles)
US Geyserville8.17km away (5.08 miles)862 inhabitants
US Black Oaks8.73km away (5.43 miles)
US Makahmo (historical)9.55km away (5.94 miles)
US Cozzens Corner9.60km away (5.96 miles)
US Cloverdale9.68km away (6.02 miles)8 811 inhabitants
US Hardin (historical)10.32km away (6.41 miles)
US Nervo10.69km away (6.64 miles)
US Preston11.10km away (6.90 miles)
US Caldwell Pines11.41km away (7.09 miles)
US Alderglen Springs13.77km away (8.56 miles)
US Lytton13.93km away (8.66 miles)
US Jimtown14.95km away (9.29 miles)
US Glenbrook15.32km away (9.52 miles)
US Simi15.99km away (9.94 miles)
US Pine Grove16.41km away (10.19 miles)
US Chiquita16.54km away (10.28 miles)

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