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Earthquake 0.99km (0.62 miles) away from Queyrières (France)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 0.8 occurred on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 4:42:56 PM UTC (and Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 5:42:56 PM local time) 0.99km (0.62 miles) away from Queyrières (France) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :5/31/2020 4:42:56 PM
Mag. TypeMLv
Depth-2.00 km (-1.24 miles)
Other informationSéisme de magnitude 0.8 à 49km de Gap

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,2FR Earthquake Le Mélézin
(1.59km away [0.99 miles]) (13/07/2020 11:50:36 UTC -)
1,1FR Earthquake Le Mélézin
(1.86km away [1.16 miles]) (13/07/2020 11:49:26 UTC -)
1IT Quarry blast Tetto Pettavino Sottano
(0.15km away [0.09 miles]) (13/07/2020 07:46:26 UTC -)
1IT Earthquake Prà di Nota
(1.94km away [1.21 miles]) (13/07/2020 02:51:59 UTC -)
0,4FR Earthquake Amignon
(1.77km away [1.10 miles]) (12/07/2020 23:32:44 UTC -)
1,1FR Earthquake Saint-Léger
(1.67km away [1.04 miles]) (12/07/2020 23:32:30 UTC -)
1,7FR Earthquake La Giandola
(2.13km away [1.32 miles]) (12/07/2020 17:00:29 UTC -)
1,2FR Earthquake La Salce
(0.63km away [0.39 miles]) (12/07/2020 16:40:22 UTC -)
1,1FR Earthquake Bonnenuit
(3.59km away [2.23 miles]) (12/07/2020 15:06:46 UTC -)
0,6FR Earthquake Granges de Faisset
(3.68km away [2.29 miles]) (12/07/2020 13:56:02 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

FR Queyrières0.99km away (0.62 miles)
FR Le Poux1.08km away (0.67 miles)
FR Saint-Martin-de-Queyrières1.12km away (0.70 miles)1 007 inhabitants
FR Bouchier1.88km away (1.17 miles)
FR La Bâtie2.28km away (1.41 miles)
FR La Balmette2.28km away (1.41 miles)
FR L’Hermetière2.84km away (1.76 miles)
FR Prelles3.44km away (2.14 miles)
FR Sainte-Marguerite3.47km away (2.16 miles)
FR La Bessée du Milieu3.47km away (2.16 miles)
FR Le Villaret4.29km away (2.66 miles)
FR Chalets de l’Orcérette4.60km away (2.86 miles)
FR Les Vigneaux4.80km away (2.98 miles)418 inhabitants
FR Eyssarvia4.80km away (2.98 miles)
FR L’Argentière-la-Bessée4.84km away (3.00 miles)
FR Sachas5.06km away (3.14 miles)
FR Ratière5.21km away (3.24 miles)
FR Le Mélézin5.22km away (3.25 miles)
FR Le Sapet5.75km away (3.57 miles)
FR L’Ubac5.75km away (3.57 miles)

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