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Earthquake 80.34km (49.92 miles) away from Aguacate (Puerto Rico)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.13 occurred on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 3:31:41 AM UTC (and Friday, October 11, 2019 at 11:31:41 PM local time) 80.34km (49.92 miles) away from Aguacate (Puerto Rico) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :10/12/2019 3:31:41 AM
Updated (UTC) :10/12/2019 4:35:03 AM
Mag. Typemd
Depth11.00 km (6.84 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 3.1 - 81km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico
81km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

3,25PR Earthquake Aguacate
(60.71km away [37.72 miles]) (05/12/2019 11:41:48 UTC -)
2,88PR Earthquake Aguacate
(89.04km away [55.33 miles]) (05/12/2019 08:54:08 UTC -)
3,49PR Earthquake Aguacate
(98.23km away [61.04 miles]) (05/12/2019 05:12:40 UTC -)
2,88PR Earthquake Aguacate
(62.61km away [38.91 miles]) (04/12/2019 23:24:40 UTC -)
2,96PR Earthquake Aguacate
(65.86km away [40.93 miles]) (04/12/2019 23:10:30 UTC -)
3,24PR Earthquake Aguacate
(72.61km away [45.12 miles]) (04/12/2019 23:05:03 UTC -)
2,08PR Earthquake Riego (historical)
(1.17km away [0.73 miles]) (04/12/2019 17:50:32 UTC -)
2,64PR Earthquake Aguacate
(57.64km away [35.81 miles]) (04/12/2019 16:34:42 UTC -)
2,57PR Earthquake Aguacate
(65.70km away [40.82 miles]) (04/12/2019 07:42:02 UTC -)
2,72PR Earthquake Aguacate
(48.66km away [30.24 miles]) (04/12/2019 06:26:19 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

PR Aguacate80.34km away (49.92 miles)
PR Cuatro Calles (historical)81.25km away (50.49 miles)
PR San Antonio Comunidad81.50km away (50.64 miles)
PR San Antonio81.63km away (50.72 miles)2 300 inhabitants
PR Tosquero (historical)81.66km away (50.74 miles)
PR Montaña82.05km away (50.99 miles)
PR Jobos82.08km away (51.00 miles)
PR Maleza82.30km away (51.14 miles)
PR Arenales82.49km away (51.26 miles)
PR Costa Brava82.80km away (51.45 miles)
PR Santiago82.91km away (51.52 miles)
PR Lamela82.99km away (51.57 miles)
PR Villa Pesquera83.02km away (51.59 miles)
PR Camaceyes83.03km away (51.59 miles)
PR Santa Barbara83.09km away (51.63 miles)
PR Jardines del Noreste83.21km away (51.70 miles)
PR Jardin Caribe83.41km away (51.83 miles)
PR Jimenez (historical)83.49km away (51.88 miles)
PR Isabela Zona Urbana83.50km away (51.89 miles)
PR Isabela83.54km away (51.91 miles)12 505 inhabitants

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