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Earthquake 13.51km (8.40 miles) away from Roinji (Papua New Guinea)

An earthquake with a magnitude of occurred on Monday, October 4, 1982 at 5:44:48 PM UTC (and Tuesday, October 5, 1982 at 3:44:48 AM local time) 13.51km (8.40 miles) away from Roinji (Papua New Guinea) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :10/4/1982 5:44:48 PM
Updated (UTC) :11/7/2014 12:31:59 AM
Mag. Type
Depth71.90 km (44.68 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM ? - eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea
eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea

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Cities near this earthquake

PG Roinji13.51km away (8.40 miles)
PG Singorokai14.60km away (9.07 miles)
PG Derongge15.54km away (9.66 miles)
PG Boneia16.70km away (10.37 miles)
PG Gali16.79km away (10.43 miles)
PG Nineia17.87km away (11.10 miles)
PG Bulcara17.97km away (11.16 miles)
PG Yowong18.12km away (11.26 miles)
PG Nemau Hamlet18.70km away (11.62 miles)
PG Bwana20.88km away (12.98 miles)
PG Yara23.27km away (14.46 miles)
PG Bonga23.41km away (14.54 miles)
PG Moam24.12km away (14.99 miles)
PG Malalamai24.33km away (15.12 miles)
PG Bonkiman24.79km away (15.40 miles)
PG Malasanga26.83km away (16.67 miles)
PG Windluk27.59km away (17.14 miles)
PG Wandabong28.72km away (17.84 miles)
PG Yagomi28.78km away (17.88 miles)
PG Siang29.02km away (18.03 miles)

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