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Earthquake 66.34km (41.22 miles) away from Whangawehi (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.25 occurred on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 6:32:35 PM UTC (and Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 6:32:35 AM local time) 66.34km (41.22 miles) away from Whangawehi (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :6/22/2019 6:32:35 PM
Depth12.00 km (7.46 miles)
Other information85 km south-east of Gisborne

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2NZ Earthquake Whangara
(35.67km away [22.17 miles]) (07/07/2020 18:24:08 UTC -)
1,36NZ Earthquake Bartlett
(5.06km away [3.14 miles]) (07/07/2020 04:54:43 UTC -)
2,4NZ Earthquake Tiniroto
(6.67km away [4.15 miles]) (05/07/2020 20:56:49 UTC -)
1,3NZ Earthquake Ngatapa
(4.24km away [2.64 miles]) (05/07/2020 19:18:43 UTC -)
2,04NZ Earthquake Manutuke
(4.98km away [3.09 miles]) (04/07/2020 18:43:21 UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Mangapapa
(11.38km away [7.07 miles]) (04/07/2020 10:44:55 UTC -)
1,99NZ Earthquake Maungatea Village
(9.72km away [6.04 miles]) (02/07/2020 23:47:53 UTC -)
1,74NZ Earthquake Tiniroto
(2.23km away [1.38 miles]) (02/07/2020 08:39:57 UTC -)
2,88NZ Earthquake Maungatea Village
(12.97km away [8.06 miles]) (01/07/2020 11:34:59 UTC -)
1,94NZ Earthquake Tolaga Bay
(27.75km away [17.24 miles]) (01/07/2020 06:26:10 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Whangawehi66.34km away (41.22 miles)
NZ Mahia68.94km away (42.84 miles)
NZ Mahia Beach72.64km away (45.13 miles)
NZ Maungatea Village73.31km away (45.55 miles)
NZ Mahanga Beach74.34km away (46.19 miles)
NZ Opoutama76.87km away (47.77 miles)
NZ Waikokopu77.05km away (47.87 miles)
NZ Waitaniwha79.63km away (49.48 miles)
NZ Wainui82.09km away (51.01 miles)
NZ Morere82.22km away (51.09 miles)
NZ Bartlett82.52km away (51.28 miles)
NZ Okitu83.30km away (51.76 miles)
NZ Nuhaka83.98km away (52.18 miles)342 inhabitants
NZ Tamarau84.12km away (52.27 miles)
NZ Tarewa84.39km away (52.44 miles)
NZ Outer Kaiti84.97km away (52.80 miles)
NZ Muriwai85.62km away (53.20 miles)
NZ Kaiti86.10km away (53.50 miles)
NZ Whangara86.16km away (53.54 miles)
NZ Whataupoko88.36km away (54.90 miles)

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