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Earthquake 8.85km (5.50 miles) away from Wairakei (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.69 occurred on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 4:26:50 AM UTC (and Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 4:26:50 PM local time) 8.85km (5.50 miles) away from Wairakei (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :8/6/2020 4:26:50 AM
Depth4.54 km (2.82 miles)
Other information10 km north-east of Taupo

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,34NZ Earthquake Te Whaiti
(6.42km away [3.99 miles]) (22/09/2020 09:57:44 UTC -)
1,25NZ Earthquake Kuratau
(9.80km away [6.09 miles]) (22/09/2020 08:50:53 UTC -)
2,58NZ Earthquake Oruaiwi
(4.20km away [2.61 miles]) (22/09/2020 04:54:26 UTC -)
2,12NZ Earthquake Ngawaro
(3.03km away [1.88 miles]) (22/09/2020 04:47:09 UTC -)
1,6NZ Earthquake Tutira
(7.44km away [4.62 miles]) (21/09/2020 22:08:34 UTC -)
0,95NZ Earthquake Waiouru Military Camp
(18.78km away [11.67 miles]) (21/09/2020 21:18:00 UTC -)
2,18NZ Earthquake Waimiha
(7.05km away [4.38 miles]) (21/09/2020 15:52:46 UTC -)
1,48NZ Earthquake Wairata
(17.45km away [10.84 miles]) (21/09/2020 15:52:33 UTC -)
1,55NZ Earthquake Patoka
(18.41km away [11.44 miles]) (21/09/2020 13:27:53 UTC -)
2,01NZ Earthquake Okere Falls
(10.77km away [6.69 miles]) (21/09/2020 13:19:38 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Wairakei8.85km away (5.50 miles)
NZ Taupo13.30km away (8.27 miles)22 469 inhabitants
NZ Oruanui13.90km away (8.64 miles)
NZ Nukuhau14.28km away (8.87 miles)
NZ Waipahihi15.02km away (9.33 miles)
NZ Tahorakui15.10km away (9.38 miles)
NZ Rainbow Point16.47km away (10.24 miles)
NZ Wharewaka17.94km away (11.15 miles)
NZ Acacia Bay18.15km away (11.28 miles)
NZ Reporoa22.34km away (13.88 miles)595 inhabitants
NZ Waitahanui22.58km away (14.03 miles)
NZ Wharepaina25.36km away (15.76 miles)
NZ Mokai26.43km away (16.43 miles)
NZ Atiamuri28.45km away (17.68 miles)
NZ Waiotapu31.64km away (19.66 miles)
NZ Guthrie33.49km away (20.81 miles)
NZ Rangitaiki34.92km away (21.70 miles)
NZ Waimangu38.81km away (24.12 miles)
NZ Horohoro40.31km away (25.05 miles)
NZ Te Rangiita42.39km away (26.34 miles)

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