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Earthquake 3.14km (1.95 miles) away from Tarewa (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.68 occurred on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 12:26:25 PM UTC (and Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 12:26:25 AM local time) 3.14km (1.95 miles) away from Tarewa (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :8/13/2019 12:26:25 PM
Depth9.36 km (5.82 miles)
Other information30 km north-east of Wairoa

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2,37NZ Earthquake Whangara
(55.30km away [34.36 miles]) (22/02/2020 17:01:44 UTC -)
1,55NZ Earthquake Tuhara
(4.40km away [2.74 miles]) (22/02/2020 09:41:17 UTC -)
1,62NZ Earthquake Te Whaiti
(9.66km away [6.00 miles]) (22/02/2020 08:15:40 UTC -)
1,33NZ Earthquake Muriwai
(2.20km away [1.37 miles]) (22/02/2020 06:30:36 UTC -)
1,43NZ Earthquake Matahorua
(4.99km away [3.10 miles]) (22/02/2020 05:30:57 UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Matahina
(4.75km away [2.95 miles]) (22/02/2020 04:43:37 UTC -)
1,58NZ Earthquake Kawerau
(4.53km away [2.82 miles]) (21/02/2020 15:54:38 UTC -)
2,06NZ Earthquake Tokomaru
(17.75km away [11.03 miles]) (21/02/2020 12:20:17 UTC -)
2,3NZ Earthquake Tolaga Bay
(44.74km away [27.80 miles]) (21/02/2020 07:49:01 UTC -)
2,02NZ Earthquake Tolaga Bay
(23.83km away [14.81 miles]) (21/02/2020 06:58:34 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Tarewa3.14km away (1.95 miles)
NZ Morere6.66km away (4.14 miles)
NZ Nuhaka13.35km away (8.30 miles)342 inhabitants
NZ Mahanga Beach13.61km away (8.46 miles)
NZ Bartlett13.69km away (8.51 miles)
NZ Waitaniwha14.64km away (9.09 miles)
NZ Opoutama15.54km away (9.66 miles)
NZ Waikokopu16.71km away (10.39 miles)
NZ Whakaki18.23km away (11.33 miles)
NZ Mahia Beach19.52km away (12.13 miles)
NZ Mahia21.91km away (13.62 miles)
NZ Muriwai22.54km away (14.01 miles)
NZ Opoiti23.95km away (14.88 miles)
NZ Tuhara24.26km away (15.08 miles)
NZ Whangawehi24.52km away (15.24 miles)
NZ Tiniroto25.00km away (15.54 miles)
NZ Waerengaokuri27.52km away (17.10 miles)
NZ Maungatea Village28.96km away (17.99 miles)
NZ Manutuke30.54km away (18.98 miles)685 inhabitants
NZ Turiroa31.55km away (19.60 miles)

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