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Earthquake 9.85km (6.12 miles) away from Ormondville (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.4 occurred on Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 6:10:34 PM UTC (and Friday, July 12, 2019 at 6:10:34 AM local time) 9.85km (6.12 miles) away from Ormondville (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :7/11/2019 6:10:34 PM
Depth39.27 km (24.40 miles)
Other information15 km east of Dannevirke

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,6NZ Earthquake Akitio
(9.26km away [5.76 miles]) (14/12/2019 10:44:55 UTC -)
2,9NZ Earthquake Hamua
(2.61km away [1.62 miles]) (14/12/2019 10:33:28 UTC -)
1,72NZ Earthquake Upper Tauheru
(4.26km away [2.65 miles]) (14/12/2019 10:31:21 UTC -)
2,23NZ Earthquake Akitio
(57.05km away [35.45 miles]) (14/12/2019 09:41:59 UTC -)
1,5NZ Earthquake Tane
(5.18km away [3.22 miles]) (14/12/2019 08:29:35 UTC -)
5,1NZ Earthquake Erehwon
(26.14km away [16.24 miles]) (14/12/2019 06:12:35 UTC -)
1,81NZ Earthquake Papatawa
(4.42km away [2.75 miles]) (14/12/2019 01:03:23 UTC -)
1,26NZ Earthquake Erehwon
(21.77km away [13.53 miles]) (13/12/2019 23:55:59 UTC -)
2,45NZ Earthquake Te Ranga
(1.92km away [1.19 miles]) (13/12/2019 23:05:31 UTC -)
1,91NZ Earthquake Upokonui
(4.42km away [2.75 miles]) (13/12/2019 20:17:16 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Ormondville9.85km away (6.12 miles)
NZ Makotuku10.43km away (6.48 miles)
NZ Kopua11.84km away (7.36 miles)
NZ Matamau14.50km away (9.01 miles)
NZ Raumati14.60km away (9.07 miles)
NZ Norsewood15.53km away (9.65 miles)
NZ Tataramoa15.62km away (9.70 miles)
NZ Piripiri15.66km away (9.73 miles)
NZ Takapau17.36km away (10.79 miles)597 inhabitants
NZ Dannevirke18.57km away (11.54 miles)
NZ Wanstead19.29km away (11.99 miles)
NZ Ngamoko19.81km away (12.31 miles)
NZ Waipatiki20.87km away (12.97 miles)
NZ Maharakeke22.08km away (13.72 miles)
NZ Tahoraiti22.54km away (14.01 miles)
NZ Hatuma23.12km away (14.36 miles)
NZ Weber23.85km away (14.82 miles)
NZ Wallingford24.20km away (15.04 miles)
NZ Te Rehunga26.18km away (16.27 miles)
NZ Ashley Clinton27.05km away (16.81 miles)

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