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Earthquake 2.70km (1.68 miles) away from Ormond (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.76 occurred on Monday, September 2, 2019 at 8:09:05 AM UTC (and Monday, September 2, 2019 at 8:09:05 PM local time) 2.70km (1.68 miles) away from Ormond (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :9/2/2019 8:09:05 AM
Depth17.37 km (10.80 miles)
Other information15 km north-west of Gisborne

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2,15NZ Earthquake Ruatahuna
(17.80km away [11.06 miles]) (18/09/2020 23:27:16 UTC -)
1,65NZ Earthquake Whatatutu
(4.26km away [2.65 miles]) (18/09/2020 18:01:53 UTC -)
1,79NZ Earthquake Opoiti
(3.26km away [2.03 miles]) (18/09/2020 14:50:05 UTC -)
1,76NZ Earthquake Opoiti
(3.62km away [2.25 miles]) (18/09/2020 14:32:30 UTC -)
1,98NZ Earthquake Turiroa
(1.52km away [0.94 miles]) (18/09/2020 13:46:13 UTC -)
2,43NZ Earthquake Opoiti
(1.86km away [1.16 miles]) (18/09/2020 13:44:27 UTC -)
2,86NZ Earthquake Otakiri
(3.70km away [2.30 miles]) (18/09/2020 01:14:05 UTC -)
1,83NZ Earthquake Mohaka
(12.90km away [8.02 miles]) (17/09/2020 17:46:31 UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Ahititi
(4.40km away [2.73 miles]) (17/09/2020 16:06:32 UTC -)
2,42NZ Earthquake Whangawehi
(13.82km away [8.59 miles]) (17/09/2020 04:11:35 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Ormond2.70km away (1.68 miles)
NZ Patutahi4.15km away (2.58 miles)386 inhabitants
NZ Waerengaahika4.31km away (2.68 miles)
NZ Waipaoa5.27km away (3.27 miles)
NZ Kaitaratahi5.67km away (3.52 miles)
NZ Makauri7.85km away (4.88 miles)
NZ Ngatapa7.92km away (4.92 miles)
NZ Makaraka10.20km away (6.34 miles)
NZ Puhua11.34km away (7.05 miles)
NZ Te Hapara11.50km away (7.14 miles)
NZ Elgin11.50km away (7.14 miles)
NZ Matawhero11.68km away (7.26 miles)
NZ Manutuke11.71km away (7.28 miles)685 inhabitants
NZ Mangapapa12.23km away (7.60 miles)
NZ Awapuni12.26km away (7.62 miles)
NZ Gisborne12.79km away (7.95 miles)34 274 inhabitants
NZ Te Karaka12.80km away (7.95 miles)592 inhabitants
NZ Whataupoko13.57km away (8.43 miles)
NZ Kaiti15.59km away (9.69 miles)
NZ Waerengaokuri15.77km away (9.80 miles)

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