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Earthquake 16.53km (10.27 miles) away from Langridge (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.27 occurred on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 6:16:21 AM UTC (and Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 6:16:21 PM local time) 16.53km (10.27 miles) away from Langridge (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :1/27/2019 6:16:21 AM
Depth45.78 km (28.45 miles)
Other information35 km north-west of Kaikoura

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,86NZ Earthquake Hiwipango
(2.73km away [1.70 miles]) (27/01/2020 16:22:41 UTC -)
1,88NZ Earthquake Maruia Springs
(12.26km away [7.62 miles]) (27/01/2020 14:40:20 UTC -)
1,31NZ Earthquake Blind River
(1.85km away [1.15 miles]) (27/01/2020 14:31:34 UTC -)
1,55NZ Earthquake Baton
(2.86km away [1.78 miles]) (27/01/2020 14:28:19 UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Birch Hill
(16.06km away [9.98 miles]) (27/01/2020 09:28:27 UTC -)
2,3NZ Earthquake Culverden
(14.17km away [8.81 miles]) (27/01/2020 04:45:52 UTC -)
2,35NZ Earthquake Upcot
(19.50km away [12.12 miles]) (26/01/2020 22:47:52 UTC -)
2,16NZ Earthquake Upcot
(20.28km away [12.60 miles]) (26/01/2020 22:40:59 UTC -)
1,87NZ Earthquake Mangamaunu
(10.54km away [6.55 miles]) (26/01/2020 18:58:30 UTC -)
2,01NZ Earthquake Mangamaunu
(11.13km away [6.92 miles]) (26/01/2020 18:11:38 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Langridge16.53km away (10.27 miles)
NZ Molesworth17.09km away (10.62 miles)
NZ Upcot27.99km away (17.39 miles)
NZ Mahunga28.21km away (17.53 miles)
NZ Glenlee30.25km away (18.79 miles)
NZ Mangamaunu31.05km away (19.29 miles)
NZ Kaikoura Flat31.13km away (19.34 miles)
NZ Hapuku32.27km away (20.05 miles)
NZ Charwell Forks32.58km away (20.24 miles)
NZ Kaikoura Suburban32.77km away (20.36 miles)
NZ Kaikoura36.41km away (22.62 miles)2 172 inhabitants
NZ Camden36.80km away (22.87 miles)
NZ Kaikoura37.37km away (23.22 miles)685 inhabitants
NZ South Bay38.11km away (23.68 miles)
NZ Goose Bay39.40km away (24.48 miles)
NZ Clarence40.34km away (25.07 miles)
NZ Awapiri40.65km away (25.26 miles)

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