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Earthquake 9.13km (5.67 miles) away from Hauwai (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.47 occurred on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 4:12:17 PM UTC (and Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 4:12:17 AM local time) 9.13km (5.67 miles) away from Hauwai (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :11/6/2019 4:12:17 PM
Depth13.81 km (8.58 miles)
Other information10 km east of Seddon

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2,53NZ Earthquake Birch Hill
(14.57km away [9.05 miles]) (05/08/2020 11:00:17 UTC -)
2,08NZ Earthquake Onauku
(16.28km away [10.12 miles]) (05/08/2020 06:48:47 UTC -)
1,59NZ Earthquake Hauwai
(29.25km away [18.18 miles]) (05/08/2020 00:51:58 UTC -)
1,76NZ Earthquake Tira-ora
(5.63km away [3.50 miles]) (04/08/2020 23:21:36 UTC -)
1,81NZ Earthquake Titahi Bay
(14.95km away [9.29 miles]) (04/08/2020 22:55:58 UTC -)
1,43NZ Earthquake Blind River
(4.10km away [2.55 miles]) (04/08/2020 19:34:16 UTC -)
1,79NZ Earthquake Owhiro Bay
(8.04km away [5.00 miles]) (04/08/2020 10:19:40 UTC -)
2,24NZ Earthquake Blind River
(5.14km away [3.19 miles]) (04/08/2020 08:33:59 UTC -)
1,67NZ Earthquake Cape Jackson
(22.65km away [14.07 miles]) (04/08/2020 07:54:17 UTC -)
1,82NZ Earthquake Taimate
(4.87km away [3.02 miles]) (04/08/2020 07:03:38 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Hauwai9.13km away (5.67 miles)
NZ Blind River9.65km away (5.99 miles)
NZ Taimate11.94km away (7.42 miles)
NZ Seddon12.73km away (7.91 miles)511 inhabitants
NZ Dashwood15.35km away (9.54 miles)
NZ Ward17.42km away (10.82 miles)
NZ Mirza21.35km away (13.27 miles)
NZ Wharanui26.98km away (16.76 miles)
NZ Riverlands28.73km away (17.85 miles)
NZ Redwoodtown29.89km away (18.57 miles)
NZ Witherlea29.89km away (18.57 miles)
NZ Blenheim30.59km away (19.01 miles)26 550 inhabitants
NZ Altimarlock30.62km away (19.03 miles)
NZ Burleigh31.21km away (19.40 miles)
NZ Riversdale31.48km away (19.56 miles)
NZ Mayfield32.08km away (19.93 miles)
NZ Springlands32.12km away (19.96 miles)
NZ Grovetown32.29km away (20.06 miles)
NZ Welds Hill33.19km away (20.62 miles)
NZ Farnham33.31km away (20.70 miles)

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