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Earthquake 3.35km (2.08 miles) away from Alford Forest (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.13 occurred on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 5:30:31 PM UTC (and Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 5:30:31 AM local time) 3.35km (2.08 miles) away from Alford Forest (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :12/4/2019 5:30:31 PM
Depth3.65 km (2.27 miles)
Other information5 km west of Methven

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,94NZ Earthquake Lake Kaniere
(3.46km away [2.15 miles]) (08/08/2020 10:00:09 UTC -)
1,38NZ Earthquake Kowai Bush
(10.88km away [6.76 miles]) (08/08/2020 07:39:36 UTC -)
1,61NZ Earthquake Simons Pass
(7.37km away [4.58 miles]) (08/08/2020 04:42:31 UTC -)
2,43NZ Earthquake Masons Flat
(20.40km away [12.68 miles]) (07/08/2020 03:55:40 UTC -)
2,52NZ Earthquake Waikari
(7.46km away [4.63 miles]) (07/08/2020 01:52:44 UTC -)
2,71NZ Earthquake Hari Hari
(16.88km away [10.49 miles]) (06/08/2020 15:47:44 UTC -)
1,9NZ Earthquake Heathcote Valley
(0.73km away [0.45 miles]) (06/08/2020 06:05:34 UTC -)
1,44NZ Earthquake Coopers Creek
(4.39km away [2.73 miles]) (05/08/2020 20:08:45 UTC -)
2,9NZ Earthquake Kowhitirangi
(24.53km away [15.24 miles]) (05/08/2020 05:58:25 UTC -)
2,81NZ Earthquake Fergusons
(25.70km away [15.97 miles]) (05/08/2020 00:42:34 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Alford Forest3.35km away (2.08 miles)
NZ Springburn8.71km away (5.41 miles)
NZ Methven9.23km away (5.73 miles)1 236 inhabitants
NZ Staveley9.73km away (6.05 miles)
NZ Cairnbrae13.16km away (8.18 miles)
NZ Rakaia Gorge13.60km away (8.45 miles)
NZ Mount Somers16.44km away (10.22 miles)
NZ Windwhistle16.78km away (10.42 miles)
NZ Highbank16.92km away (10.51 miles)
NZ Lyndhurst17.42km away (10.82 miles)
NZ Anama17.86km away (11.10 miles)
NZ Valetta18.10km away (11.24 miles)
NZ Punawai19.37km away (12.03 miles)
NZ Urrall20.68km away (12.85 miles)
NZ Hackthorne23.17km away (14.39 miles)
NZ Lauriston23.94km away (14.87 miles)
NZ Mayfield25.12km away (15.61 miles)
NZ Westerfield25.67km away (15.95 miles)
NZ Barrhill25.75km away (16.00 miles)
NZ Glenroy25.79km away (16.02 miles)

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