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Earthquake 4.57km (2.84 miles) away from Las Uvas (Mexico)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 occurred on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 9:03:33 AM UTC (and Friday, March 20, 2020 at 3:03:33 AM local time) 4.57km (2.84 miles) away from Las Uvas (Mexico) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :3/20/2020 9:03:33 AM
Updated (UTC) :3/21/2020 4:29:07 AM
Mag. Typemww
Depth18.82 km (11.69 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.8 - 11km W of Santa Maria Petapa, Mexico
11km W of Santa Maria Petapa, Mexico

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

4,2MX Earthquake El Chepil
(6.55km away [4.07 miles]) (01/04/2020 12:39:57 UTC -)
4,5MX Earthquake Cerro Zapata
(0.87km away [0.54 miles]) (11/03/2020 06:43:45 UTC -)
4,8MX Earthquake Cinco de Febrero
(3.40km away [2.11 miles]) (21/01/2020 09:49:16 UTC -)
4,9MX Earthquake Llano Hilera
(1.21km away [0.75 miles]) (17/01/2020 02:11:12 UTC -)
5,3MX Earthquake Mazahuito
(1.51km away [0.94 miles]) (17/01/2020 02:07:23 UTC -)
5,8MX Earthquake La Ciénega
(0.97km away [0.60 miles]) (05/01/2020 04:40:50 UTC -)
4,8MX Earthquake Francisco I. Madero
(2.33km away [1.45 miles]) (05/12/2019 19:01:14 UTC -)
4,3MX Earthquake Aguas Pocas
(3.46km away [2.15 miles]) (27/11/2019 01:29:51 UTC -)
4,1MX Earthquake Rancho Nuevo
(13.44km away [8.35 miles]) (26/10/2019 03:42:04 UTC -)
4,5MX Earthquake Vista Hermosa de Hidalgo
(1.35km away [0.84 miles]) (29/09/2019 10:45:45 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

MX Las Uvas4.57km away (2.84 miles)53 inhabitants
MX Vista Hermosa4.78km away (2.97 miles)47 inhabitants
MX El Tejón4.91km away (3.05 miles)
MX Los Valles4.95km away (3.08 miles)
MX Mala Vida5.37km away (3.34 miles)10 inhabitants
MX La Sierra5.41km away (3.36 miles)
MX Arroyo Chino5.51km away (3.42 miles)20 inhabitants
MX Guigulana6.27km away (3.90 miles)9 inhabitants
MX El Campanario6.53km away (4.06 miles)118 inhabitants
MX Las Flores6.63km away (4.12 miles)
MX Tierra Blanca7.56km away (4.70 miles)
MX Ocotal7.66km away (4.76 miles)
MX Peña Blanca7.69km away (4.78 miles)
MX Terán7.86km away (4.88 miles)
MX Juan Lozano8.00km away (4.97 miles)
MX Santa Cruz Chahuitepec8.04km away (5.00 miles)
MX Esperanza8.05km away (5.00 miles)
MX Buenavista8.05km away (5.00 miles)
MX Cerro Grande8.32km away (5.17 miles)6 inhabitants
MX San Francisco8.51km away (5.29 miles)

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