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Earthquake 7.82km (4.86 miles) away from Al Ḩadīthah (Jordan)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 occurred on Monday, March 15, 2004 at 11:49:56 PM UTC (and Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 1:49:56 AM local time) 7.82km (4.86 miles) away from Al Ḩadīthah (Jordan) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :3/15/2004 11:49:56 PM
Updated (UTC) :11/7/2014 1:21:43 AM
Mag. Typeml
Depth12.00 km (7.46 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.3 - Dead Sea region
Dead Sea region

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(10.82km away [6.72 miles]) (30/07/2015 02:39:05 UTC -)
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4PS Earthquake Al Faşāyil
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Cities near this earthquake

JO Al Ḩadīthah7.82km away (4.86 miles)
JO Şirfah11.77km away (7.31 miles)
JO Ghawr al Mazra‘ah11.80km away (7.33 miles)
JO Edh Dhrā‘13.60km away (8.45 miles)
JO Imra‘13.86km away (8.61 miles)
JO Fuqū‘15.42km away (9.58 miles)
JO Khirbat Majdalayn17.23km away (10.70 miles)
JO Ad Dimnah17.73km away (11.02 miles)
IL ‘En Gedi17.39km away (10.81 miles)603 inhabitants
JO Al Buqay‘19.01km away (11.81 miles)
JO Al Yārūt19.14km away (11.89 miles)
JO Batīr19.60km away (12.18 miles)
JO Jad‘at al Jubūr19.83km away (12.32 miles)
JO As Samrā’19.96km away (12.40 miles)
JO Ath Thughrah20.24km away (12.58 miles)
JO Al Qaşr20.36km away (12.65 miles)3 840 inhabitants
JO Mis‘ar20.47km away (12.72 miles)
JO Umm ad Dajāj20.48km away (12.73 miles)
JO Jad‘ah20.54km away (12.76 miles)
JO Al Judayyidah21.15km away (13.14 miles)

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