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Earthquake 1.49km (0.92 miles) away from Saresin (Italy)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 0.9 occurred on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 12:57:04 AM UTC (and Monday, November 11, 2019 at 1:57:04 AM local time) 1.49km (0.92 miles) away from Saresin (Italy) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :11/11/2019 12:57:04 AM
Mag. TypeMLv
Depth-10.00 km (-6.21 miles)
Other informationSéisme de magnitude 0.9 à 22km de Cuneo

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

0,9FR Earthquake Le Pied du Col
(3.65km away [2.27 miles]) (15/11/2019 11:35:04 UTC -)
1,5FR Quarry blast Magagnosc
(1.13km away [0.70 miles]) (15/11/2019 11:09:38 UTC -)
1,4FR Earthquake Le Désert
(4.88km away [3.03 miles]) (14/11/2019 19:19:21 UTC -)
2,1FR Earthquake Petit Chardavon
(0.42km away [0.26 miles]) (14/11/2019 08:09:41 UTC -)
1,3FR Earthquake Amirat
(0.61km away [0.38 miles]) (13/11/2019 17:43:22 UTC -)
2,3FR Earthquake Les Brochiers
(2.10km away [1.30 miles]) (13/11/2019 11:05:33 UTC -)
2,3FR Earthquake Malijai
(2.77km away [1.72 miles]) (13/11/2019 10:21:34 UTC -)
1,6FR Quarry blast La Clue
(3.61km away [2.24 miles]) (13/11/2019 07:50:31 UTC -)
0,8FR Earthquake Le Lavigne
(2.73km away [1.70 miles]) (12/11/2019 11:07:56 UTC -)
1IT Quarry blast Istituto Climatico
(1.41km away [0.88 miles]) (12/11/2019 10:01:45 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

IT Saresin1.49km away (0.92 miles)8 inhabitants
IT Menardo1.67km away (1.03 miles)1 inhabitants
IT Crosasso1.67km away (1.03 miles)14 inhabitants
IT Cromba-Frise1.78km away (1.11 miles)6 inhabitants
IT Daniel1.93km away (1.20 miles)2 inhabitants
IT Figlieri1.98km away (1.23 miles)3 inhabitants
IT Pradleves2.08km away (1.29 miles)236 inhabitants
IT Frise2.16km away (1.34 miles)8 inhabitants
IT Istiria3.32km away (2.06 miles)15 inhabitants
IT Colletto3.66km away (2.27 miles)17 inhabitants
IT Saretto3.67km away (2.28 miles)37 inhabitants
IT Albornè3.67km away (2.28 miles)2 inhabitants
IT Villa San Pietro3.73km away (2.31 miles)84 inhabitants
IT Levata3.81km away (2.37 miles)29 inhabitants
IT Campofei3.82km away (2.38 miles)1 inhabitants
IT Martini3.97km away (2.47 miles)7 inhabitants
IT Valliera4.02km away (2.50 miles)
IT Santa Lucia4.03km away (2.51 miles)15 inhabitants
IT Braida4.13km away (2.56 miles)12 inhabitants
IT La Miniera4.16km away (2.59 miles)

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