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Earthquake 0.41km (0.26 miles) away from Cascina Bertini (Italy)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.5 occurred on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 3:18:46 AM UTC (and Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 4:18:46 AM local time) 0.41km (0.26 miles) away from Cascina Bertini (Italy) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :6/9/2019 3:18:46 AM
Mag. TypeMLv
Depth-10.00 km (-6.21 miles)
Other informationSéisme de magnitude 1.5 à 7km de Giaveno

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,5IT Earthquake Piana di Forno
(1.78km away [1.11 miles]) (13/11/2019 02:24:04 UTC -)
1IT Quarry blast Istituto Climatico
(1.41km away [0.88 miles]) (12/11/2019 10:01:45 UTC -)
0,8IT Quarry blast Tetto Piano
(0.24km away [0.15 miles]) (12/11/2019 08:03:51 UTC -)
2,1IT Earthquake Grange Rosano
(0.55km away [0.34 miles]) (12/11/2019 02:40:45 UTC -)
2FR Earthquake Le Montenvers
(4.02km away [2.50 miles]) (11/11/2019 18:33:28 UTC -)
2,4IT Earthquake Ferrera
(0.68km away [0.42 miles]) (11/11/2019 02:14:26 UTC -)
1,6FR Earthquake Le Montenvers
(5.28km away [3.28 miles]) (11/11/2019 01:52:46 UTC -)
0,9IT Earthquake Saresin
(1.49km away [0.92 miles]) (11/11/2019 00:57:04 UTC -)
1,2IT Earthquake Gias delle Lose
(0.23km away [0.14 miles]) (10/11/2019 18:40:20 UTC -)
1,7IT Earthquake Grangia dell'Antolina
(2.04km away [1.27 miles]) (10/11/2019 06:53:14 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

IT Cascina Bertini0.41km away (0.26 miles)17 inhabitants
IT Chiusa di San Michele1.21km away (0.75 miles)1 631 inhabitants
IT Caprie1.32km away (0.82 miles)1 005 inhabitants
IT Novaretto1.51km away (0.94 miles)927 inhabitants
IT San Pietro1.53km away (0.95 miles)20 inhabitants
IT Basinatto2.21km away (1.37 miles)25 inhabitants
IT Sala2.34km away (1.46 miles)17 inhabitants
IT Peroldrado2.38km away (1.48 miles)12 inhabitants
IT Sant'Ambrogio di Torino2.43km away (1.51 miles)4 688 inhabitants
IT Case Inferiori2.48km away (1.54 miles)20 inhabitants
IT Condove2.66km away (1.65 miles)4 057 inhabitants
IT Campambiardo2.67km away (1.66 miles)21 inhabitants
IT Camparnaldo2.76km away (1.72 miles)21 inhabitants
IT Borgata Colle Braida2.96km away (1.84 miles)7 inhabitants
IT Sigliodo Sup.2.96km away (1.84 miles)14 inhabitants
IT Vindrola3.00km away (1.86 miles)49 inhabitants
IT Bennale3.19km away (1.98 miles)
IT Villar Dora3.40km away (2.11 miles)2 305 inhabitants
IT Bertassi3.53km away (2.20 miles)230 inhabitants
IT Mortera3.70km away (2.30 miles)31 inhabitants

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