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Earthquake 1.52km (0.94 miles) away from Mazra‘eh-ye Damīlū (Iran)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 occurred on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 1:32:26 PM UTC (and Monday, June 17, 2019 at 5:32:26 PM local time) 1.52km (0.94 miles) away from Mazra‘eh-ye Damīlū (Iran) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :6/17/2019 1:32:26 PM
Updated (UTC) :6/17/2019 2:23:00 PM
Mag. Typemb
Depth10.00 km (6.21 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.7 - 68km NW of Bandar 'Abbas, Iran
68km NW of Bandar 'Abbas, Iran

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

4,3IR Earthquake Kīmpūnū
(3.57km away [2.22 miles]) (16/09/2019 20:03:21 UTC -)
4,5IR Earthquake Gīshān-e Gharbī
(4.20km away [2.61 miles]) (16/09/2019 16:55:42 UTC -)
4,6IR Earthquake Nakhl-e Kondāl
(5.24km away [3.26 miles]) (08/09/2019 10:53:27 UTC -)
4,2IR Earthquake Pāshagh
(1.41km away [0.88 miles]) (27/08/2019 20:05:30 UTC -)
4,3IR Earthquake Sang-e Sefīd
(5.06km away [3.15 miles]) (16/07/2019 18:15:26 UTC -)
4,5IR Earthquake Sang-e Sefīd
(1.57km away [0.97 miles]) (16/07/2019 16:21:04 UTC -)
4,1IR Earthquake Sarband
(3.42km away [2.12 miles]) (10/05/2019 02:41:56 UTC -)
4,7IR Earthquake Angūrān
(1.73km away [1.08 miles]) (20/04/2019 02:41:06 UTC -)
4,2IR Earthquake Gīshān-e Sharqī
(1.91km away [1.19 miles]) (27/03/2019 06:19:30 UTC -)
4,3IR Earthquake Qeshlāq
(9.56km away [5.94 miles]) (27/03/2019 04:52:10 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

IR Mazra‘eh-ye Damīlū1.52km away (0.94 miles)
IR Kohneh-ye Bālā3.03km away (1.88 miles)
IR Mazra‘eh-ye Sīārī3.27km away (2.03 miles)
IR Takhteh Mārām3.61km away (2.25 miles)
IR Bāghestān3.89km away (2.42 miles)
IR Mārom4.77km away (2.97 miles)
IR Damīlū4.80km away (2.98 miles)
IR Kahtek5.18km away (3.22 miles)
IR Kahtek5.18km away (3.22 miles)
IR Fīn5.23km away (3.25 miles)
IR Mārom5.32km away (3.30 miles)
IR Bāghestān5.44km away (3.38 miles)
IR Mazra‘eh-ye Dāzan5.74km away (3.57 miles)
IR Sī Dastgāh5.86km away (3.64 miles)
IR ‘Alīābād6.01km away (3.74 miles)
IR Fīn6.16km away (3.83 miles)
IR Mazra‘eh-ye Ḩoseynābād6.29km away (3.91 miles)
IR Fīn6.39km away (3.97 miles)
IR Tīzej6.53km away (4.06 miles)
IR ‘Alīābād6.56km away (4.08 miles)

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