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Earthquake 1.16km (0.72 miles) away from Guzet Neige (France)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.3 occurred on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:33:37 AM UTC (and Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 1:33:37 AM local time) 1.16km (0.72 miles) away from Guzet Neige (France) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :9/14/2019 12:33:37 AM
Mag. TypeMLv
Depth-10.00 km (-6.21 miles)
Other informationSéisme de magnitude 1.3 à 36km de Andorra la Vella

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

0,7FR Earthquake Cabadour
(3.18km away [1.98 miles]) (26/02/2020 20:43:56 UTC -)
1,7ES Earthquake Calbinyà
(1.39km away [0.86 miles]) (26/02/2020 20:08:19 UTC -)
1,7FR Quarry blast Arfons
(2.60km away [1.61 miles]) (25/02/2020 16:12:38 UTC -)
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(5.76km away [3.58 miles]) (24/02/2020 10:15:30 UTC -)
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(8.86km away [5.51 miles]) (24/02/2020 09:54:50 UTC -)
0,7FR Earthquake Campan
(2.25km away [1.40 miles]) (23/02/2020 19:28:53 UTC -)
1,7FR Earthquake Puyvalador
(4.15km away [2.58 miles]) (23/02/2020 17:40:26 UTC -)
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(8.78km away [5.46 miles]) (23/02/2020 16:09:43 UTC -)
1,3ES Earthquake Cerler
(10.65km away [6.62 miles]) (23/02/2020 02:37:04 UTC -)
0,7FR Earthquake Sainte-Marie-de-Campan
(2.79km away [1.73 miles]) (23/02/2020 01:36:19 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

FR Ustou3.03km away (1.88 miles)367 inhabitants
FR Aulus-les-Bains3.35km away (2.08 miles)201 inhabitants
FR Le Trein d'Ustou3.97km away (2.47 miles)
FR Ercé6.40km away (3.98 miles)538 inhabitants
FR Couflens9.16km away (5.69 miles)69 inhabitants
FR Salau9.68km away (6.02 miles)
FR Guzet Neige1.16km away (0.72 miles)
FR Le Port10.47km away (6.51 miles)189 inhabitants
FR Seix11.49km away (7.14 miles)748 inhabitants
FR Massat11.63km away (7.23 miles)622 inhabitants
FR Oust11.66km away (7.25 miles)540 inhabitants
FR Aleu11.72km away (7.28 miles)129 inhabitants
FR Biert12.19km away (7.57 miles)298 inhabitants
FR Vic12.37km away (7.69 miles)
FR Boussenac12.66km away (7.87 miles)196 inhabitants
FR Suc-et-Sentenac13.71km away (8.52 miles)107 inhabitants
FR Sentenac-d’Oust13.77km away (8.56 miles)
FR Soueix-Rogalle13.97km away (8.68 miles)
FR Sarrat de Petit14.07km away (8.74 miles)
FR Rogalle14.09km away (8.75 miles)383 inhabitants

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