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Earthquake 29.90km (18.58 miles) away from Campamento El Laco (Chile)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 occurred on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 6:15:41 PM UTC (and Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 2:15:41 PM local time) 29.90km (18.58 miles) away from Campamento El Laco (Chile) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :5/16/2018 6:15:41 PM
Updated (UTC) :8/15/2018 7:46:54 PM
Mag. Typemb
Depth200.72 km (124.72 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.5 - 110km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Arge
110km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

4,9AR Earthquake Salar de Pocitos
(33.75km away [20.97 miles]) (12/12/2019 07:18:11 UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Catúa
(16.57km away [10.30 miles]) (09/12/2019 08:19:04 UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(20.36km away [12.65 miles]) (07/12/2019 02:34:05 UTC -)
4,4AR Earthquake Salar de Pocitos
(29.29km away [18.20 miles]) (06/12/2019 21:19:04 UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(15.98km away [9.93 miles]) (05/12/2019 03:38:33 UTC -)
4,5CL Earthquake Campamento El Laco
(41.53km away [25.81 miles]) (30/11/2019 16:26:44 UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Tolar Grande
(40.74km away [25.31 miles]) (30/11/2019 10:02:03 UTC -)
4,4AR Earthquake Salar de Pocitos
(15.99km away [9.94 miles]) (26/11/2019 22:43:24 UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake Catúa
(19.64km away [12.20 miles]) (17/11/2019 00:35:34 UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Olaroz Chico
(20.29km away [12.61 miles]) (01/11/2019 22:05:53 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

CL Campamento El Laco29.90km away (18.58 miles)
AR Huaitiquina45.89km away (28.52 miles)
AR Catúa48.10km away (29.89 miles)
AR Salar de Pocitos50.49km away (31.37 miles)
AR Tolar Grande52.80km away (32.81 miles)
AR Agua Blanca54.62km away (33.94 miles)
AR Siberia58.91km away (36.60 miles)
AR Medanitos61.69km away (38.33 miles)
AR El Porvenir68.28km away (42.43 miles)
CL Socaire77.15km away (47.94 miles)
CL San Francisco79.36km away (49.31 miles)
CL Compania80.43km away (49.98 miles)
CL Tilomonte80.89km away (50.26 miles)
AR Santa Rosa de Pastos Grandes81.94km away (50.92 miles)
CL Peine83.13km away (51.65 miles)
AR Sey87.17km away (54.16 miles)
AR Sijes87.25km away (54.21 miles)
CL Negrillar89.97km away (55.90 miles)
CL Tilopozo93.41km away (58.04 miles)
CL Lever94.02km away (58.42 miles)

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