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Earthquake 56.59km (35.16 miles) away from Blakes (Cayman Islands)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 occurred on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 9:55:16 PM UTC (and Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 4:55:16 PM local time) 56.59km (35.16 miles) away from Blakes (Cayman Islands) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :1/28/2020 9:55:16 PM
Updated (UTC) :1/29/2020 8:28:55 PM
Mag. Typemww
Depth10.00 km (6.21 miles)
Tsunami riskYes
Other informationM 6.1 - 57km SE of East End, Cayman Islands
57km SE of East End, Cayman Islands

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

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(59.16km away [36.76 miles]) (25/03/2020 19:37:31 UTC -)
4,3KY Earthquake Blakes
(47.19km away [29.32 miles]) (23/03/2020 16:52:38 UTC -)
4,6KY Earthquake Blakes
(50.60km away [31.44 miles]) (22/03/2020 18:35:31 UTC -)
3,4KY Earthquake Cayman Palms
(64.56km away [40.12 miles]) (27/02/2020 00:25:19 UTC -)
4,4KY Earthquake Cayman Palms
(48.76km away [30.30 miles]) (19/02/2020 23:16:53 UTC -)
4,4KY Earthquake South Town
(56.03km away [34.81 miles]) (02/02/2020 05:55:07 UTC -)
4,2KY Earthquake High Rock Estates
(48.81km away [30.33 miles]) (01/02/2020 14:44:01 UTC -)
4,7KY Earthquake High Rock Estates
(42.83km away [26.61 miles]) (30/01/2020 18:58:40 UTC -)
4KY Earthquake Blakes
(31.70km away [19.70 miles]) (30/01/2020 08:23:47 UTC -)
4KY Earthquake Blakes
(53.48km away [33.23 miles]) (29/01/2020 15:01:40 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

KY Blakes56.59km away (35.16 miles)
KY Sand Bluff56.68km away (35.22 miles)
KY East End57.86km away (35.95 miles)1 639 inhabitants
KY Gun Bay57.89km away (35.97 miles)
KY High Rock Estates57.93km away (36.00 miles)
KY Half Moon Bay60.64km away (37.68 miles)
KY Breakers64.54km away (40.11 miles)
KY Midland Acres65.94km away (40.97 miles)
KY Belford Estates66.29km away (41.19 miles)
KY Old Man Bay66.78km away (41.49 miles)
KY Pease Bay67.29km away (41.81 miles)
KY Bodden Town67.69km away (42.06 miles)10 341 inhabitants
KY North Side68.08km away (42.30 miles)1 184 inhabitants
KY Cayman Palms68.22km away (42.39 miles)
KY Pedro69.20km away (43.00 miles)
KY North Ward69.20km away (43.00 miles)
KY Hutland69.41km away (43.13 miles)
KY Lower Valley70.68km away (43.92 miles)
KY Driftwood Village70.75km away (43.96 miles)
KY Brinkleys70.75km away (43.96 miles)

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