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Earthquake 65.00km (40.39 miles) away from Canyon City (Canada)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.4 occurred on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 5:44:33 AM UTC (and Monday, October 21, 2019 at 9:44:33 PM local time) 65.00km (40.39 miles) away from Canyon City (Canada) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :10/22/2019 5:44:33 AM
Updated (UTC) :10/22/2019 5:50:38 AM
Mag. Typeml
Depth7.80 km (4.85 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 1.4 - 161km NE of Cape Yakataga, Alaska
161km NE of Cape Yakataga, Alaska

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

2CA Earthquake Canyon City
(29.30km away [18.21 miles]) (15/11/2019 01:06:06 UTC -)
1,1CA Earthquake Canyon City
(99.31km away [61.71 miles]) (13/11/2019 10:42:23 UTC -)
0,9CA Earthquake Canyon City
(53.44km away [33.20 miles]) (13/11/2019 02:20:38 UTC -)
1,6CA Earthquake Canyon City
(33.28km away [20.68 miles]) (12/11/2019 20:47:59 UTC -)
1,6CA Earthquake Destruction Bay
(73.48km away [45.66 miles]) (12/11/2019 17:34:19 UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake Nizina (historical)
(49.88km away [30.99 miles]) (12/11/2019 04:03:00 UTC -)
0,8US Earthquake Cape Yakataga
(30.32km away [18.84 miles]) (11/11/2019 00:50:12 UTC -)
1,2US Earthquake Cape Yakataga
(71.88km away [44.66 miles]) (10/11/2019 20:50:50 UTC -)
1,5CA Earthquake Canyon City
(62.48km away [38.82 miles]) (09/11/2019 00:21:00 UTC -)
1,5US Ice quake Cape Yakataga
(87.11km away [54.13 miles]) (08/11/2019 21:45:29 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

CA Canyon City65.00km away (40.39 miles)
CA Quill Creek78.29km away (48.65 miles)
CA Koidern83.92km away (52.15 miles)
US Horsefeld (historical)88.86km away (55.22 miles)
CA Burwash Landing90.98km away (56.53 miles)
CA Destruction Bay100.05km away (62.17 miles)
US Skolai (historical)104.61km away (65.00 miles)
US Nizina (historical)104.82km away (65.13 miles)
US May Creek108.47km away (67.40 miles)
US Sourdough (historical)110.38km away (68.59 miles)
CA Snag Junction111.19km away (69.09 miles)
US Chisana117.33km away (72.91 miles)
US Kennicott121.11km away (75.25 miles)
US McCarthy121.80km away (75.69 miles)28 inhabitants
CA Silver City125.00km away (77.67 miles)
CA Beaver Creek128.32km away (79.74 miles)
US Chisana (historical)128.68km away (79.96 miles)
CA Snag130.75km away (81.25 miles)

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