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Earthquake 3.89km (2.42 miles) away from Seriana (Algeria)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 occurred on Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 7:59:39 AM UTC (and Saturday, July 4, 2020 at 8:59:39 AM local time) 3.89km (2.42 miles) away from Seriana (Algeria) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :7/4/2020 7:59:39 AM
Updated (UTC) :7/4/2020 11:04:46 AM
Mag. Typemb
Depth10.00 km (6.21 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 4.5 - 18 km N of Batna, Algeria
18 km N of Batna, Algeria

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

4,5DZ Earthquake Gravelotte
(2.64km away [1.64 miles]) (07/08/2020 11:13:34 UTC -)
4,9DZ Earthquake Siliana
(2.22km away [1.38 miles]) (07/08/2020 06:15:37 UTC -)
4,6DZ Earthquake Siliana
(1.28km away [0.79 miles]) (17/07/2020 08:12:45 UTC -)
4,6DZ Earthquake Mila
(1.93km away [1.20 miles]) (17/07/2020 08:12:44 UTC -)
4,2DZ Earthquake Mechta Ouled Ahmar
(2.57km away [1.60 miles]) (20/07/2018 09:32:59 UTC -)
4,7DZ Earthquake Mechta Bou Ari
(1.94km away [1.21 miles]) (15/08/2017 14:50:43 UTC -)
4,7DZ Earthquake Douar Assayab
(1.45km away [0.90 miles]) (05/03/2017 01:46:55 UTC -)
4,2DZ Earthquake Mechta Ouled Gueboudj
(2.28km away [1.41 miles]) (24/03/2015 17:04:58 UTC -)
4,8DZ Earthquake Mechta Ouled Gueboudj
(2.49km away [1.54 miles]) (21/03/2015 22:55:57 UTC -)
4,2DZ Earthquake Mechtat el Hammam
(2.02km away [1.26 miles]) (18/03/2015 23:31:03 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

DZ Seriana3.89km away (2.42 miles)
DZ Mechta Zoui4.27km away (2.65 miles)
DZ Mechta Taga5.63km away (3.50 miles)
DZ Mechtat el Koucha5.81km away (3.61 miles)
DZ Mechta Tadjine6.98km away (4.34 miles)
DZ Mechta Bou Ikhfaoun7.27km away (4.52 miles)
DZ Mechta Djerma Dahra8.06km away (5.01 miles)
DZ Ouled Lakhdar8.58km away (5.33 miles)
DZ Mechta Feltane8.91km away (5.54 miles)
DZ Mechta Aïn el Beïda9.88km away (6.14 miles)
DZ Mechta Mezzari11.94km away (7.42 miles)
DZ Mechta Belkhez12.24km away (7.60 miles)
DZ Mechta Chabet Lalam12.27km away (7.62 miles)
DZ Mechta Ouled Djeïch12.81km away (7.96 miles)
DZ Mechta Chabet Lalam12.89km away (8.01 miles)
DZ Bou Ilef14.17km away (8.80 miles)
DZ Msarat15.05km away (9.35 miles)
DZ Mechta Roknia15.90km away (9.88 miles)
DZ Seguene16.05km away (9.97 miles)
DZ Bou Keddad16.54km away (10.28 miles)

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