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Earthquakes RU Yelovskiy

Informations about Yelovskiy

CountryRussian Federation
RegionKamtsjatka (92)
CoordinatesLatitude : 56.83333
Longitude : 160.95
Time zoneAsia/Kamchatka (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Yelovskiy


10 last earthquakes around Yelovskiy

4,1RU Earthquake Yelovskiy
(41.16km away [25.57 miles]) (10/20/2004 10:14:28 PM UTC -)
5,7RU Earthquake Yelovskiy
(21.50km away [13.36 miles]) (11/11/1964 7:06:56 PM UTC -)
4,1RU Earthquake Ust’-Kamchatsk
(120.43km away [74.83 miles]) (1/13/2019 4:17:07 AM UTC -)
4,1RU Earthquake Klyuchi
(79.91km away [49.65 miles]) (11/11/2018 3:47:40 PM UTC -)
4,5RU Earthquake Verkhnyaya Ozernaya
(62.71km away [38.96 miles]) (10/3/2018 9:55:11 PM UTC -)
4,9RU Earthquake Nizhnekamchatsk
(72.63km away [45.13 miles]) (10/3/2018 5:52:48 PM UTC -)
4,3RU Earthquake Kozyrevskiy
(103.28km away [64.17 miles]) (3/7/2018 3:33:15 AM UTC -)
4,5RU Earthquake Klyuchi
(73.39km away [45.61 miles]) (7/14/2017 1:12:26 AM UTC -)
4,4RU Earthquake Nizhne-Ozërnaya
(87.18km away [54.17 miles]) (5/13/2017 2:43:48 AM UTC -)
4,2RU Earthquake Nizhne-Ozërnaya
(88.71km away [55.12 miles]) (4/17/2017 11:26:00 PM UTC -)

Cities near Yelovskiy

RU Yelovka8.02km away (4.98 miles)
RU Kharchino37.31km away (23.18 miles)
RU Klyuchi57.46km away (35.71 miles)10 000 inhabitants
RU Kresty60.03km away (37.30 miles)
RU Krasnyy Yar66.77km away (41.49 miles)
RU Kamaki68.71km away (42.70 miles)
RU Verkhnyaya Ozernaya74.71km away (46.42 miles)
RU Kozyrevskiy83.16km away (51.68 miles)
RU Ushki91.00km away (56.54 miles)
RU Obukhovo91.72km away (56.99 miles)
RU Nizhnekamchatsk93.62km away (58.17 miles)
RU Kamenka97.66km away (60.68 miles)
RU Berëzovyy Yar97.73km away (60.73 miles)
RU Khvalenka98.46km away (61.18 miles)
RU Granëvo101.83km away (63.28 miles)
RU Chërnyy Yar102.33km away (63.58 miles)
RU Gorbusha107.00km away (66.49 miles)
RU Kishkerdino109.36km away (67.95 miles)
RU Kozyrëvsk109.70km away (68.17 miles)
RU Nikolayevka110.23km away (68.49 miles)

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