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Earthquakes NZ Whareponga

Informations about Whareponga

CountryNew Zealand
RegionGisborne (F1/028)
CoordinatesLatitude : -37.96667
Longitude : 178.36667
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Whareponga


10 last earthquakes around Whareponga

3,58NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(62.09km away [38.58 miles]) (11/16/2019 8:19:36 PM UTC -)
2,14NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(63.21km away [39.28 miles]) (9/6/2019 5:26:39 PM UTC -)
1,66NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(27.42km away [17.04 miles]) (8/29/2019 6:53:05 PM UTC -)
5,13NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(3.88km away [2.41 miles]) (6/15/2019 10:58:21 PM UTC -)
2,39NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(4.82km away [3.00 miles]) (5/4/2019 8:23:20 PM UTC -)
1,9NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(2.27km away [1.41 miles]) (5/4/2019 4:54:44 PM UTC -)
3,21NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(3.84km away [2.39 miles]) (5/4/2019 4:36:17 PM UTC -)
1,65NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(3.22km away [2.00 miles]) (4/1/2019 12:27:24 PM UTC -)
1,91NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(25.31km away [15.73 miles]) (3/2/2019 6:56:53 AM UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Whareponga
(42.02km away [26.11 miles]) (3/1/2019 8:09:45 PM UTC -)

Cities near Whareponga

NZ Tuparoa5.81km away (3.61 miles)
NZ Waipiro6.29km away (3.91 miles)
NZ Waitakaro9.53km away (5.92 miles)
NZ Ruatoria9.73km away (6.04 miles)897 inhabitants
NZ Te Puia12.57km away (7.81 miles)
NZ Port Awanui16.55km away (10.28 miles)
NZ Tokomaru19.45km away (12.09 miles)495 inhabitants
NZ Rangitukia23.44km away (14.56 miles)
NZ Whakaangiangi28.44km away (17.67 miles)
NZ Pakihiroa29.38km away (18.25 miles)
NZ Horoera36.71km away (22.81 miles)
NZ Te Araroa37.11km away (23.06 miles)
NZ Hicks Bay41.24km away (25.62 miles)
NZ Tolaga Bay44.91km away (27.90 miles)932 inhabitants
NZ Cape Runaway54.14km away (33.64 miles)
NZ Raukokore55.22km away (34.31 miles)
NZ Waihau Bay55.92km away (34.75 miles)
NZ Ahititi58.87km away (36.58 miles)
NZ Omaio63.72km away (39.59 miles)
NZ Te Kaha65.70km away (40.82 miles)403 inhabitants

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