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Earthquakes NZ Whakaangiangi

Informations about Whakaangiangi

CountryNew Zealand
RegionGisborne (F1/028)
CoordinatesLatitude : -37.71667
Longitude : 178.3
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Whakaangiangi


10 last earthquakes around Whakaangiangi

3,31NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(9.15km away [5.69 miles]) (6/20/2020 8:03:04 AM UTC -)
1,46NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(9.69km away [6.02 miles]) (4/20/2020 5:10:41 PM UTC -)
1,55NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(13.81km away [8.58 miles]) (1/22/2020 1:48:51 PM UTC -)
4,3NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(4.00km away [2.49 miles]) (12/29/2019 9:41:53 AM UTC -)
2,02NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(4.71km away [2.93 miles]) (11/29/2019 8:31:18 AM UTC -)
1,8NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(10.68km away [6.64 miles]) (11/9/2019 11:27:55 AM UTC -)
4,66NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(13.27km away [8.25 miles]) (8/27/2019 5:25:41 AM UTC -)
2,07NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(10.37km away [6.44 miles]) (8/10/2019 6:46:21 AM UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(7.25km away [4.51 miles]) (8/2/2019 12:38:29 PM UTC -)
1,89NZ Earthquake Whakaangiangi
(10.58km away [6.57 miles]) (7/26/2019 7:49:43 AM UTC -)

Cities near Whakaangiangi

NZ Te Araroa10.98km away (6.82 miles)
NZ Hicks Bay12.99km away (8.07 miles)
NZ Rangitukia14.33km away (8.90 miles)
NZ Horoera17.77km away (11.04 miles)
NZ Port Awanui18.52km away (11.51 miles)
NZ Ruatoria18.78km away (11.67 miles)897 inhabitants
NZ Tuparoa23.55km away (14.63 miles)
NZ Waitakaro24.30km away (15.10 miles)
NZ Pakihiroa25.33km away (15.74 miles)
NZ Whareponga28.44km away (17.67 miles)
NZ Cape Runaway30.04km away (18.67 miles)
NZ Waipiro33.52km away (20.83 miles)
NZ Waihau Bay36.17km away (22.48 miles)
NZ Raukokore37.45km away (23.27 miles)
NZ Te Puia38.96km away (24.21 miles)
NZ Tokomaru46.38km away (28.82 miles)495 inhabitants
NZ Te Kaha54.95km away (34.14 miles)403 inhabitants
NZ Omaio56.83km away (35.31 miles)
NZ Houpoto65.71km away (40.83 miles)
NZ Tolaga Bay72.36km away (44.96 miles)932 inhabitants

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