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4,59ZZEarthquake1155 km north-east of Whangarei
4,78ZZEarthquake1490 km north-east of Whangarei

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Earthquakes NZ Welds Hill

Informations about Welds Hill

CountryNew Zealand
RegionMarlborough (F4/053)
CoordinatesLatitude : -41.78333
Longitude : 173.85
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Welds Hill


10 last earthquakes around Welds Hill

2,08NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(11.85km away [7.36 miles]) (9/28/2019 11:30:15 PM UTC -)
1,58NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(12.71km away [7.90 miles]) (8/4/2019 5:54:51 AM UTC -)
2,37NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(8.63km away [5.36 miles]) (6/3/2019 10:07:59 PM UTC -)
3,43NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(12.97km away [8.06 miles]) (1/7/2019 12:31:09 AM UTC -)
2,23NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(11.72km away [7.28 miles]) (11/6/2018 4:17:08 PM UTC -)
3,68NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(12.48km away [7.75 miles]) (8/30/2018 8:51:18 PM UTC -)
1,28NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(10.61km away [6.59 miles]) (8/7/2018 2:43:26 PM UTC -)
2,19NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(12.90km away [8.02 miles]) (3/12/2018 3:58:47 PM UTC -)
1,69NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(11.67km away [7.25 miles]) (3/2/2018 12:24:37 PM UTC -)
1,49NZ Earthquake Welds Hill
(9.99km away [6.21 miles]) (2/3/2018 6:02:25 PM UTC -)

Cities near Welds Hill

NZ Altimarlock5.74km away (3.56 miles)
NZ Jordan7.85km away (4.88 miles)
NZ Awapiri11.17km away (6.94 miles)
NZ Camden15.69km away (9.75 miles)
NZ Avondale21.16km away (13.15 miles)
NZ Seddon23.33km away (14.50 miles)511 inhabitants
NZ Glenlee23.53km away (14.62 miles)
NZ Mirza23.99km away (14.91 miles)
NZ Ward24.16km away (15.01 miles)
NZ Dashwood24.56km away (15.26 miles)
NZ Blind River24.79km away (15.41 miles)
NZ Taimate24.90km away (15.47 miles)
NZ Hauwai25.18km away (15.65 miles)
NZ Wharanui25.50km away (15.84 miles)
NZ Upcot25.65km away (15.94 miles)
NZ Kekerengu27.55km away (17.12 miles)
NZ Burleigh29.16km away (18.12 miles)
NZ Waihopai29.47km away (18.31 miles)
NZ Redwoodtown29.59km away (18.39 miles)
NZ Witherlea29.59km away (18.39 miles)

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