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Earthquakes PR Villa Del Carmen

Informations about Villa Del Carmen

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionPonce (113/7268770)
CoordinatesLatitude : 17.98052
Longitude : -66.60434
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Villa Del Carmen


10 last earthquakes around Villa Del Carmen

2,51PR Earthquake Belvedere
(67.14km away [41.72 miles]) (11/13/2019 8:44:05 AM UTC -)
1,88PR Earthquake Puerto Real Comunidad
(77.80km away [48.34 miles]) (11/13/2019 6:07:31 AM UTC -)
0,96PR Earthquake Las Palmas
(56.14km away [34.88 miles]) (11/12/2019 5:21:05 PM UTC -)
2,52PR Earthquake Costa Brava
(83.34km away [51.79 miles]) (11/12/2019 4:59:16 PM UTC -)
1,99PR Earthquake Arroyo
(63.95km away [39.73 miles]) (11/12/2019 6:54:32 AM UTC -)
1,9PR Earthquake Aguacate
(95.01km away [59.03 miles]) (11/12/2019 6:53:56 AM UTC -)
2PR Earthquake Las Ochenta
(29.31km away [18.21 miles]) (11/12/2019 4:34:26 AM UTC -)
2,14PR Earthquake Olivares
(50.94km away [31.66 miles]) (11/11/2019 8:31:38 AM UTC -)
1,52PR Earthquake Los Flamboyanes
(67.04km away [41.66 miles]) (11/11/2019 7:35:59 AM UTC -)
2,37PR Earthquake Villa Pesquera
(105.68km away [65.67 miles]) (11/10/2019 11:19:32 PM UTC -)

Cities near Villa Del Carmen

PR Ponce Zona Urbana0.88km away (0.55 miles)
PR Santa Cruz0.95km away (0.59 miles)
PR Playa de Ponce1.74km away (1.08 miles)
PR Barriada El Caribe1.84km away (1.15 miles)
PR Camino del Sur1.97km away (1.23 miles)
PR Muelle de Ponce2.24km away (1.39 miles)
PR Santo Tomas2.29km away (1.42 miles)
PR San Antón2.57km away (1.60 miles)
PR Constancia2.74km away (1.70 miles)
PR La Ceiba2.79km away (1.73 miles)
PR Vista Alegre2.86km away (1.78 miles)
PR Hacienda Restaurada2.87km away (1.78 miles)
PR Los Caobos2.88km away (1.79 miles)
PR Buena Vista2.93km away (1.82 miles)
PR Bélgica2.95km away (1.84 miles)
PR Cuatro Calles2.99km away (1.86 miles)
PR Villa Grillasca2.99km away (1.86 miles)
PR Santa María3.00km away (1.86 miles)
PR El Bosque3.07km away (1.91 miles)
PR Bucaná3.08km away (1.91 miles)

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