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Earthquakes NZ Utuwai

Informations about Utuwai

CountryNew Zealand
RegionManawatu-Wanganui (F3/039)
CoordinatesLatitude : -40.01667
Longitude : 175.93333
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Utuwai


10 last earthquakes around Utuwai

1,53NZ Earthquake Utuwai
(8.01km away [4.98 miles]) (7/16/2020 2:22:45 PM UTC -)
1,3NZ Earthquake Utuwai
(3.01km away [1.87 miles]) (6/19/2019 1:39:15 PM UTC -)
1,68NZ Earthquake Utuwai
(5.18km away [3.22 miles]) (3/24/2019 6:56:08 AM UTC -)
1,82NZ Earthquake Wiritoa
(73.63km away [45.75 miles]) (9/18/2020 12:39:46 PM UTC -)
0,94NZ Earthquake Tangiwai
(75.44km away [46.88 miles]) (9/18/2020 9:43:19 AM UTC -)
1,56NZ Earthquake Te Ranga
(99.05km away [61.55 miles]) (9/18/2020 9:19:33 AM UTC -)
1,61NZ Earthquake Waiouru Military Camp
(62.42km away [38.78 miles]) (9/18/2020 7:23:20 AM UTC -)
2,46NZ Earthquake Ratana
(69.01km away [42.88 miles]) (9/18/2020 7:18:39 AM UTC -)
0,92NZ Earthquake Waiouru Military Camp
(60.66km away [37.69 miles]) (9/18/2020 3:47:23 AM UTC -)
1,86NZ Earthquake Herbertville
(75.90km away [47.16 miles]) (9/18/2020 3:29:16 AM UTC -)

Cities near Utuwai

NZ Umutoi3.39km away (2.11 miles)
NZ Apiti7.01km away (4.36 miles)
NZ Rangiwahia13.06km away (8.12 miles)
NZ Kimbolton13.82km away (8.58 miles)
NZ Karewarewa16.76km away (10.41 miles)
NZ Ngamoko20.03km away (12.45 miles)
NZ Kiwitea20.35km away (12.65 miles)
NZ Ruahine20.61km away (12.80 miles)
NZ Pakihikura20.68km away (12.85 miles)
NZ Pohangina21.08km away (13.10 miles)
NZ Tataramoa22.50km away (13.98 miles)
NZ Te Rehunga23.64km away (14.69 miles)
NZ Matamau23.68km away (14.71 miles)
NZ Piripiri24.47km away (15.21 miles)
NZ Norsewood25.01km away (15.54 miles)
NZ Kiritaki25.13km away (15.61 miles)
NZ Cunninghams25.26km away (15.69 miles)
NZ Dannevirke25.40km away (15.78 miles)
NZ Rewa25.85km away (16.06 miles)
NZ Ohingaiti25.87km away (16.07 miles)

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