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Earthquakes PG Tunganabip

Informations about Tunganabip

CountryPapua New Guinea
RegionWestern Province (06)
CoordinatesLatitude : -5.21212
Longitude : 141.27583
Time zonePacific/Port Moresby (GMT +10h)

Last earthquakes near Tunganabip


10 last earthquakes around Tunganabip

4,8ID Earthquake Omkubun
(83.43km away [51.84 miles]) (7/1/2020 1:06:43 AM UTC -)
5PG Earthquake Gisatarau
(14.53km away [9.03 miles]) (3/21/2020 9:19:37 PM UTC -)
4,5PG Earthquake Kweirmin
(83.56km away [51.92 miles]) (2/26/2019 10:29:32 AM UTC -)
5,1PG Earthquake Aukopmin
(107.64km away [66.88 miles]) (1/19/2019 6:37:08 PM UTC -)
4,9PG Earthquake Aukopmin
(95.57km away [59.38 miles]) (9/25/2018 6:29:46 PM UTC -)
4,3PG Earthquake Kaidagoyin
(60.39km away [37.52 miles]) (6/24/2018 3:25:52 AM UTC -)
4,6ID Earthquake Mapiniop
(129.81km away [80.66 miles]) (5/24/2018 3:04:59 AM UTC -)
4,5PG Earthquake Komogato
(103.29km away [64.18 miles]) (5/20/2018 9:45:43 AM UTC -)
4,3PG Earthquake Buguhai
(109.73km away [68.18 miles]) (5/7/2018 12:15:23 AM UTC -)
4,3PG Earthquake Komogato
(111.53km away [69.30 miles]) (3/26/2018 8:18:19 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tunganabip

PG Sogolomik0.97km away (0.60 miles)
PG Burtemvip3.36km away (2.09 miles)
PG Bultem4.50km away (2.80 miles)
PG Blebil4.72km away (2.94 miles)
PG Wangbin4.83km away (3.00 miles)
PG Niningulavip4.90km away (3.05 miles)
PG Tabubil8.59km away (5.34 miles)
PG Tububil Town Centre8.66km away (5.38 miles)
PG Migalsimbip9.53km away (5.92 miles)
PG Mengasimivip11.42km away (7.10 miles)
PG Okidetau12.56km away (7.80 miles)
PG Oktidetau13.00km away (8.08 miles)
PG Virgo13.35km away (8.30 miles)
PG Oyamtobip13.55km away (8.42 miles)
PG Gisatarau14.25km away (8.85 miles)
PG Atemin15.05km away (9.35 miles)
PG Bongabun15.66km away (9.73 miles)
PG Atembip16.62km away (10.33 miles)
PG Buloleng17.39km away (10.81 miles)
PG Bolim17.49km away (10.87 miles)

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