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Earthquakes PG Tububil Town Centre

Informations about Tububil Town Centre

CountryPapua New Guinea
RegionWestern Province (06)
CoordinatesLatitude : -5.27171
Longitude : 141.22558
Time zonePacific/Port Moresby (GMT +10h)

Last earthquakes near Tububil Town Centre


10 last earthquakes around Tububil Town Centre

5,4ID Earthquake Garutop
(96.76km away [60.12 miles]) (9/2/2020 11:25:37 PM UTC -)
4,8ID Earthquake Omkubun
(77.09km away [47.90 miles]) (7/1/2020 1:06:43 AM UTC -)
5PG Earthquake Gisatarau
(15.92km away [9.89 miles]) (3/21/2020 9:19:37 PM UTC -)
4,5PG Earthquake Kweirmin
(87.54km away [54.39 miles]) (2/26/2019 10:29:32 AM UTC -)
4,9PG Earthquake Aukopmin
(98.12km away [60.97 miles]) (9/25/2018 6:29:46 PM UTC -)
4,3PG Earthquake Kaidagoyin
(66.44km away [41.29 miles]) (6/24/2018 3:25:52 AM UTC -)
4,5PG Earthquake Komogato
(104.17km away [64.73 miles]) (5/20/2018 9:45:43 AM UTC -)
4,3PG Earthquake Komogato
(112.12km away [69.67 miles]) (3/26/2018 8:18:19 AM UTC -)
4,6PG Earthquake Toisa
(125.29km away [77.85 miles]) (3/25/2018 5:26:59 AM UTC -)
4PG Earthquake Komogato
(105.73km away [65.70 miles]) (3/25/2018 2:17:33 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tububil Town Centre

PG Tabubil0.46km away (0.29 miles)
PG Wangbin4.32km away (2.68 miles)
PG Okidetau5.08km away (3.16 miles)
PG Oktidetau7.86km away (4.89 miles)
PG Niningulavip8.03km away (4.99 miles)
PG Tunganabip8.66km away (5.38 miles)
PG Sogolomik8.86km away (5.51 miles)
PG Bongabun9.27km away (5.76 miles)
PG Burtemvip10.84km away (6.74 miles)
PG Bultem10.85km away (6.74 miles)
PG Migalsimbip11.78km away (7.32 miles)
PG Arik12.45km away (7.74 miles)
PG Blebil12.87km away (8.00 miles)
PG Berewogo13.28km away (8.25 miles)
PG Mengasimivip13.85km away (8.61 miles)
PG Timengatits14.45km away (8.98 miles)
PG Gisatarau14.67km away (9.12 miles)
PG Derongo15.79km away (9.81 miles)
PG Kumguit16.42km away (10.20 miles)
PG Oyamtobip17.49km away (10.87 miles)

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