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Earthquakes PR Tres Hermanos

Informations about Tres Hermanos

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionAñasco (011/7268768)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.2844
Longitude : -67.1899
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Tres Hermanos


10 last earthquakes around Tres Hermanos

2,1PR Earthquake Tres Hermanos
(2.24km away [1.39 miles]) (6/4/2019 3:47:47 AM UTC -)
2,51PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(51.93km away [32.27 miles]) (1/21/2020 7:38:41 PM UTC -)
2,56PR Earthquake El Balneario
(64.89km away [40.32 miles]) (1/21/2020 6:50:28 PM UTC -)
2,9PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(60.01km away [37.29 miles]) (1/21/2020 2:45:00 PM UTC -)
2,73PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(51.63km away [32.08 miles]) (1/21/2020 1:29:55 PM UTC -)
2,48PR Earthquake Extension Santa Elena De Monte II
(50.79km away [31.56 miles]) (1/21/2020 10:38:22 AM UTC -)
3,1PR Earthquake Playa de Guayanilla
(56.80km away [35.29 miles]) (1/21/2020 10:24:23 AM UTC -)
3,31PR Earthquake Tallaboa
(57.59km away [35.79 miles]) (1/21/2020 10:24:22 AM UTC -)
3,4PR Earthquake Campamento Borinquén
(51.88km away [32.24 miles]) (1/21/2020 8:32:26 AM UTC -)
3,4PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(71.00km away [44.12 miles]) (1/21/2020 7:58:01 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tres Hermanos

PR La Playa Comunidad0.43km away (0.27 miles)
PR La Playa0.47km away (0.29 miles)2 139 inhabitants
PR La Puente0.85km away (0.53 miles)
PR Hacienda Eugenia1.50km away (0.93 miles)
PR La Tosca2.49km away (1.55 miles)
PR Playa Grande3.42km away (2.13 miles)
PR Villas de Anasco4.62km away (2.87 miles)
PR Las Marias4.71km away (2.93 miles)1 823 inhabitants
PR Los Maestros4.77km away (2.96 miles)
PR Las Marías Comunidad4.83km away (3.00 miles)
PR Centro Calvache5.08km away (3.16 miles)
PR Añasco Zona Urbana5.14km away (3.19 miles)
PR Imperial Court5.17km away (3.21 miles)
PR Residencial Francisco Figueroa5.26km away (3.27 miles)
PR Maní5.31km away (3.30 miles)
PR Añasco5.32km away (3.30 miles)6 136 inhabitants
PR Parque Atletico Francisco Pagan5.41km away (3.36 miles)
PR San Antonio5.55km away (3.45 miles)
PR Jardines de Anasco5.63km away (3.50 miles)
PR Daguey5.64km away (3.51 miles)

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