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Earthquakes US The Village

Informations about The Village

CountryUnited States of America
RegionOklahoma (OK/109)
CoordinatesLatitude : 35.56089
Longitude : -97.55143
Population9 400 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Chicago (GMT -6h)

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Last earthquakes near The Village


10 last earthquakes around The Village

2,7US Earthquake The Village
(2.02km away [1.25 miles]) (12/2/2008 2:49:37 AM UTC -)
2,69US Earthquake Cushing
(82.92km away [51.52 miles]) (1/25/2020 6:25:26 PM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Cushing
(83.78km away [52.06 miles]) (1/25/2020 3:48:48 PM UTC -)
1,84US Earthquake Middleberg
(55.11km away [34.24 miles]) (1/25/2020 11:56:57 AM UTC -)
2,43US Earthquake Middleberg
(54.83km away [34.07 miles]) (1/25/2020 11:39:08 AM UTC -)
1,54US Earthquake Carney
(56.11km away [34.86 miles]) (1/25/2020 3:59:59 AM UTC -)
0,99US Earthquake Waterloo
(22.64km away [14.07 miles]) (1/24/2020 6:17:08 AM UTC -)
1,84US Earthquake Alex
(67.80km away [42.13 miles]) (1/23/2020 7:34:10 AM UTC -)
1,53US Earthquake Kingfisher
(49.21km away [30.58 miles]) (1/23/2020 6:04:37 AM UTC -)
1,31US Earthquake Amber
(55.51km away [34.49 miles]) (1/23/2020 5:29:43 AM UTC -)

Cities near The Village

US Nichols Hills1.14km away (0.71 miles)3 887 inhabitants
US Britton1.91km away (1.19 miles)
US Warr Acres7.46km away (4.63 miles)10 431 inhabitants
US Bethany8.70km away (5.41 miles)19 589 inhabitants
US Lake Aluma10.34km away (6.42 miles)88 inhabitants
US Woodlawn Park10.49km away (6.52 miles)153 inhabitants
US Oklahoma City10.86km away (6.75 miles)631 346 inhabitants
US Forest Park11.43km away (7.10 miles)1 074 inhabitants
US Edmond12.20km away (7.58 miles)90 092 inhabitants
US Witcher12.21km away (7.59 miles)
US Midway Village14.81km away (9.20 miles)
US Smith Village14.93km away (9.27 miles)68 inhabitants
US Lillard Park15.22km away (9.46 miles)
US Belmont Farms16.18km away (10.05 miles)
US Spencer16.33km away (10.15 miles)4 027 inhabitants
US Del City16.60km away (10.31 miles)22 022 inhabitants
US Flynn18.64km away (11.58 miles)
US Midwest City18.72km away (11.63 miles)57 249 inhabitants
US Valley Brook18.79km away (11.68 miles)781 inhabitants
US Waterloo19.47km away (12.10 miles)

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