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Earthquakes US Temescal

Informations about Temescal

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/065)
CoordinatesLatitude : 33.7628
Longitude : -117.48532
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Temescal


10 last earthquakes around Temescal

0,68US Earthquake Temescal
(6.07km away [3.77 miles]) (1/21/2020 6:38:40 PM UTC -)
1,06US Earthquake Temescal
(4.76km away [2.96 miles]) (1/15/2020 5:19:21 PM UTC -)
0,41US Earthquake Temescal
(1.07km away [0.67 miles]) (12/24/2019 10:40:26 AM UTC -)
0,94US Earthquake Temescal
(3.05km away [1.90 miles]) (11/19/2019 11:31:51 PM UTC -)
0,12US Earthquake Temescal
(5.09km away [3.16 miles]) (11/1/2019 5:19:35 PM UTC -)
1,02US Earthquake Temescal
(3.61km away [2.24 miles]) (10/30/2019 4:27:52 PM UTC -)
1,12US Earthquake Temescal
(3.92km away [2.44 miles]) (10/21/2019 7:47:54 AM UTC -)
1,42US Earthquake Temescal
(4.87km away [3.03 miles]) (10/16/2019 10:32:03 PM UTC -)
1,27US Earthquake Temescal
(7.00km away [4.35 miles]) (10/3/2019 4:09:41 AM UTC -)
1,06US Earthquake Temescal
(4.38km away [2.72 miles]) (9/4/2019 12:54:19 PM UTC -)

Cities near Temescal

US Arcilla2.35km away (1.46 miles)
US Weisel5.42km away (3.37 miles)
US Alberhill8.85km away (5.50 miles)
US El Cerrito9.33km away (5.80 miles)5 100 inhabitants
US Gavilan Hills11.01km away (6.84 miles)
US Pepper Corner11.59km away (7.20 miles)
US Terra Cotta12.20km away (7.58 miles)
US Santa Rosa Ranch Estates12.32km away (7.66 miles)
US Home Gardens13.25km away (8.23 miles)11 570 inhabitants
US Porphyry13.55km away (8.42 miles)
US Camelot Hills13.82km away (8.59 miles)
US Silverado14.16km away (8.80 miles)
US Modjeska14.34km away (8.91 miles)
US Robinson Ranch14.56km away (9.05 miles)
US Corona14.60km away (9.07 miles)164 226 inhabitants
US May14.73km away (9.15 miles)
US Trabuco Canyon14.80km away (9.20 miles)3 000 inhabitants
US Beeks Place15.56km away (9.67 miles)
US North Elsinore15.77km away (9.80 miles)
US Dove Canyon15.94km away (9.91 miles)

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