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Earthquakes PE Tarso Peñaplas

Informations about Tarso Peñaplas

RegionJunin (12)
CoordinatesLatitude : -10.80531
Longitude : -75.37036
Time zoneAmerica/Lima (GMT -5h)

Alternative names for Tarso Peñaplas

  • Spanish : Tarso Peñaplas

Last earthquakes near Tarso Peñaplas


10 last earthquakes around Tarso Peñaplas

4PE Earthquake Tarso Peñaplas
(6.20km away [3.85 miles]) (12/3/2016 11:21:43 PM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Mesapata
(4.98km away [3.09 miles]) (8/23/2019 11:32:26 AM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Cushuruyoc
(31.82km away [19.77 miles]) (2/19/2019 6:11:42 AM UTC -)
4,3PE Earthquake Cimijachana
(61.29km away [38.08 miles]) (12/13/2018 11:45:28 PM UTC -)
4,4PE Earthquake Nueva Esperanza
(60.27km away [37.45 miles]) (12/7/2018 4:49:31 PM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Consuelo
(98.47km away [61.19 miles]) (9/23/2018 9:41:37 AM UTC -)
4PE Earthquake Lorencillo
(97.24km away [60.42 miles]) (6/12/2018 12:04:18 AM UTC -)
5,1PE Earthquake Quirishari
(73.04km away [45.38 miles]) (3/13/2018 5:35:03 PM UTC -)
5PE Earthquake Kitiriaro
(57.27km away [35.59 miles]) (1/22/2018 12:53:26 AM UTC -)
4,4PE Earthquake Puerto Esperanza
(81.97km away [50.93 miles]) (12/29/2017 10:20:11 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tarso Peñaplas

PE Playa Pampa3.73km away (2.32 miles)
PE Churumazú4.06km away (2.52 miles)
PE Jachanuanca4.09km away (2.54 miles)
PE Sogorno5.00km away (3.11 miles)
PE Mesapata6.45km away (4.01 miles)
PE Raymondi6.56km away (4.08 miles)
PE Ñagazú7.22km away (4.49 miles)
PE Ramazú7.81km away (4.85 miles)
PE Río Pisco8.61km away (5.35 miles)
PE Puente Paucartambo9.70km away (6.03 miles)
PE Alto Entas10.16km away (6.31 miles)
PE Agua Blanca10.84km away (6.74 miles)
PE Tambo Pituca10.96km away (6.81 miles)
PE Fundo Santa Teresa11.33km away (7.04 miles)
PE Purús12.25km away (7.61 miles)
PE Tingo María12.28km away (7.63 miles)
PE Cedro Pampa12.64km away (7.85 miles)
PE Quiranra12.78km away (7.94 miles)
PE San Luis de Shuaro12.87km away (7.99 miles)
PE Loreto12.88km away (8.01 miles)

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