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Earthquakes IR Tang Dālān

Informations about Tang Dālān

RegionHormozgan (11)
CoordinatesLatitude : 27.33991
Longitude : 55.09288
Time zoneAsia/Tehran (GMT +4h)

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Alternative names for Tang Dālān

  • Pas Par Dālān
  • تنگ دالان
  • Persian : تَنگِ دالان
  • Persian : پَس پَر دالان
  • Persian : تَنگ دالان
  • Persian : Tang-e Dālān
  • Persian : Tang Dālān
  • Persian : تنگ دالان

Last earthquakes near Tang Dālān


10 last earthquakes around Tang Dālān

4,5IR Earthquake Tang Dālān
(5.74km away [3.57 miles]) (6/1/1979 11:38:38 PM UTC -)
5,4IR Earthquake Tang Dālān
(4.29km away [2.66 miles]) (3/16/1976 7:28:57 AM UTC -)
4,3IR Earthquake Do Bastū
(15.91km away [9.89 miles]) (11/7/2019 6:00:56 PM UTC -)
4,6IR Earthquake Chāh Sūrmeh
(18.61km away [11.56 miles]) (11/6/2019 4:28:51 PM UTC -)
4,4IR Earthquake Dast Kherd
(29.70km away [18.46 miles]) (11/6/2019 12:23:36 PM UTC -)
5,3IR Earthquake Dastjerd
(16.49km away [10.24 miles]) (11/6/2019 7:40:43 AM UTC -)
4,3IR Earthquake Īlchī-ye Bālā
(10.10km away [6.28 miles]) (10/30/2019 11:33:04 AM UTC -)
4,5IR Earthquake Do Bastū
(14.73km away [9.15 miles]) (10/30/2019 1:56:52 AM UTC -)
5,4IR Earthquake Dastjerd
(17.92km away [11.14 miles]) (10/21/2019 10:58:52 AM UTC -)
4,2IR Earthquake Bandar-e Mo‘allem
(86.71km away [53.88 miles]) (10/18/2019 4:09:42 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tang Dālān

IR Sar-e Tall3.59km away (2.23 miles)
IR Sar Tang3.90km away (2.42 miles)
IR Pīshīdān4.53km away (2.81 miles)
IR Dasht Jeyḩūn7.45km away (4.63 miles)
IR Tūshān8.96km away (5.57 miles)
IR Hatrān13.58km away (8.44 miles)
IR Īlchī-ye Bālā13.62km away (8.46 miles)
IR Chāh Jahd13.62km away (8.46 miles)
IR Ḩājjamal16.24km away (10.09 miles)
IR Penār16.34km away (10.15 miles)
IR Bengareh16.38km away (10.18 miles)
IR Chāh Sūrmeh16.83km away (10.46 miles)
IR Gashān19.53km away (12.14 miles)
IR Rūdbār Kowdeh19.56km away (12.16 miles)
IR Do Bastū19.70km away (12.24 miles)
IR Gach Kārūn20.71km away (12.87 miles)
IR Berkeh-ye Now21.04km away (13.08 miles)
IR Kermarān21.48km away (13.34 miles)
IR Berkeh-ye Now22.16km away (13.77 miles)
IR Ḩormūd-e Mīr Khowr22.49km away (13.98 miles)

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