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Earthquakes PE Tambo Pituca

Informations about Tambo Pituca

RegionPasco (19/1903/190301)
CoordinatesLatitude : -10.70697
Longitude : -75.36527
Time zoneAmerica/Lima (GMT -5h)

Alternative names for Tambo Pituca

  • Spanish : Tambo Pituca

Last earthquakes near Tambo Pituca


10 last earthquakes around Tambo Pituca

5PE Earthquake Chuntas
(97.40km away [60.52 miles]) (8/8/2020 2:16:34 AM UTC -)
4,9PE Earthquake Puerto Bermúdez
(60.07km away [37.33 miles]) (7/29/2020 9:36:31 AM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Zapallar
(116.57km away [72.43 miles]) (5/31/2020 3:57:42 AM UTC -)
4,6PE Earthquake Porvenir
(97.25km away [60.43 miles]) (4/26/2020 10:28:10 PM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Mesapata
(6.01km away [3.73 miles]) (8/23/2019 11:32:26 AM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Cushuruyoc
(41.74km away [25.93 miles]) (2/19/2019 6:11:42 AM UTC -)
4,3PE Earthquake Cimijachana
(50.39km away [31.31 miles]) (12/13/2018 11:45:28 PM UTC -)
4,4PE Earthquake Nueva Esperanza
(49.32km away [30.65 miles]) (12/7/2018 4:49:31 PM UTC -)
4,5PE Earthquake Consuelo
(87.65km away [54.46 miles]) (9/23/2018 9:41:37 AM UTC -)
4,7PE Earthquake Consuelo
(96.06km away [59.69 miles]) (6/18/2018 1:00:54 AM UTC -)

Cities near Tambo Pituca

PE Tingo María1.61km away (1.00 miles)
PE Río Pisco3.77km away (2.35 miles)
PE Mesapata4.65km away (2.89 miles)
PE Esmeralda6.03km away (3.75 miles)
PE Cantarizú6.84km away (4.25 miles)
PE Churumazú7.44km away (4.63 miles)
PE Loreto9.25km away (5.75 miles)
PE Pusapno9.87km away (6.13 miles)
PE Chacos10.20km away (6.34 miles)
PE Oyón10.51km away (6.53 miles)
PE Rincón Chacos10.62km away (6.60 miles)
PE Jachanuanca10.93km away (6.79 miles)
PE Tarso Peñaplas10.96km away (6.81 miles)
PE Playa Pampa10.96km away (6.81 miles)
PE Villa Rica11.06km away (6.87 miles)7 448 inhabitants
PE Llamaquizú11.17km away (6.94 miles)
PE San Francisco11.94km away (7.42 miles)
PE Ñagazú12.33km away (7.66 miles)
PE Sogorno12.55km away (7.80 miles)
PE Fundo Santa Teresa12.81km away (7.96 miles)

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