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Earthquakes ES Talltendre

Informations about Talltendre

RegionCatalonia (56/L/25051)
CoordinatesLatitude : 42.40334
Longitude : 1.76549
Time zoneEurope/Madrid (GMT +1h)

Last earthquakes near Talltendre


10 last earthquakes around Talltendre

0,9ES Earthquake Talltendre
(2.25km away [1.40 miles]) (8/6/2019 6:04:30 PM UTC -)
1,7ES Earthquake Talltendre
(2.22km away [1.38 miles]) (2/9/2003 1:22:00 AM UTC -)
2FR Earthquake Nohèdes
(47.64km away [29.60 miles]) (1/21/2020 1:49:35 PM UTC -)
2,2ES Quarry blast Vallbona d'Anoia
(97.77km away [60.75 miles]) (1/20/2020 11:47:45 AM UTC -)
1,5FR Earthquake Fenouillet
(67.02km away [41.64 miles]) (1/18/2020 12:02:44 PM UTC -)
1,4FR Quarry blast Manses
(78.05km away [48.50 miles]) (1/16/2020 12:08:54 PM UTC -)
1,9ES Quarry blast Arenys de Munt
(108.97km away [67.71 miles]) (1/16/2020 12:01:43 PM UTC -)
1,7ES Earthquake Monistrol de Calders
(73.13km away [45.44 miles]) (1/16/2020 3:54:52 AM UTC -)
1,8FR Quarry blast Espira-de-l’Agly
(96.63km away [60.05 miles]) (1/15/2020 11:08:03 AM UTC -)
1,4FR Earthquake Le Clat
(55.24km away [34.32 miles]) (1/14/2020 11:40:54 AM UTC -)

Cities near Talltendre

ES Ordén0.73km away (0.45 miles)
ES Éller2.63km away (1.64 miles)1 535 inhabitants
ES Cortàs3.05km away (1.90 miles)
ES Prullans3.56km away (2.21 miles)231 inhabitants
ES Olopte4.17km away (2.59 miles)
ES Ardòvol4.24km away (2.63 miles)
ES Bellver de Cerdanya4.34km away (2.70 miles)1 809 inhabitants
ES Greixer4.97km away (3.09 miles)
ES Meranges5.00km away (3.11 miles)
ES Girult5.15km away (3.20 miles)
ES Isòvol5.18km away (3.22 miles)
ES Coborriu5.36km away (3.33 miles)
ES Santa Eugènia de Nerellà5.52km away (3.43 miles)
ES Baltarga5.65km away (3.51 miles)
ES Pi5.76km away (3.58 miles)
ES Viliella5.88km away (3.66 miles)
ES All6.18km away (3.84 miles)
ES Beders6.21km away (3.86 miles)
ES Ger6.61km away (4.11 miles)
ES Lles de Cerdanya6.62km away (4.11 miles)236 inhabitants

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