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Earthquakes US Sweetbriar

Informations about Sweetbriar

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/089)
CoordinatesLatitude : 41.12987
Longitude : -122.32029
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Alternative names for Sweetbriar

  • Sweet Brier
  • English : Sweetbriar

Last earthquakes near Sweetbriar


10 last earthquakes around Sweetbriar

1,41US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(8.12km away [5.04 miles]) (6/20/2017 4:11:12 AM UTC -)
1,48US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(11.36km away [7.06 miles]) (8/30/2014 7:10:04 AM UTC -)
1,72US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(7.60km away [4.72 miles]) (11/28/2008 9:30:50 AM UTC -)
1,62US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(10.85km away [6.74 miles]) (5/3/2008 2:51:36 AM UTC -)
2,48US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(3.36km away [2.09 miles]) (7/14/2001 5:22:33 PM UTC -)
1,97US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(0.82km away [0.51 miles]) (11/23/2000 10:54:18 AM UTC -)
1,97US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(0.88km away [0.55 miles]) (5/21/2000 11:17:22 AM UTC -)
1,81US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(0.65km away [0.40 miles]) (4/25/2000 9:43:28 PM UTC -)
1,47US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(3.23km away [2.01 miles]) (2/20/1995 10:02:03 AM UTC -)
1,31US Earthquake Sweetbriar
(4.29km away [2.67 miles]) (2/13/1995 8:09:33 PM UTC -)

Cities near Sweetbriar

US Castella0.98km away (0.61 miles)
US Conant1.97km away (1.22 miles)
US Dirigo2.31km away (1.44 miles)
US Castle Crag4.35km away (2.71 miles)
US Sims7.09km away (4.40 miles)
US Riverwood Mobile Home Estates7.15km away (4.45 miles)
US Dunsmuir9.62km away (5.97 miles)1 582 inhabitants
US Fisher12.09km away (7.51 miles)
US Shasta Retreat12.41km away (7.71 miles)
US Shasta Springs13.93km away (8.66 miles)
US Mott14.95km away (9.29 miles)
US Gibson15.10km away (9.38 miles)
US Cantara (historical)15.25km away (9.48 miles)
US Shadow Mountain Mobile Home Park16.30km away (10.13 miles)
US Azalea16.58km away (10.30 miles)
US Pollard Flat17.05km away (10.60 miles)
US Warmcastle Mobile Home Park17.44km away (10.83 miles)
US Pierce17.82km away (11.07 miles)
US Pioneer18.11km away (11.25 miles)
US Chateau Shasta Mobile Home Park19.02km away (11.82 miles)

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