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Earthquakes US Summit

Informations about Summit

CountryUnited States of America
RegionAlaska (AK/068)
CoordinatesLatitude : 63.33139
Longitude : -149.12222
Time zoneAmerica/Anchorage (GMT -9h)

Alternative names for Summit

  • Summit Lake
  • Summit Broad Pass Station
  • English : Summit

Last earthquakes near Summit


10 last earthquakes around Summit

1,8US Earthquake Summit
(9.88km away [6.14 miles]) (11/19/2019 1:37:15 PM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Summit
(39.58km away [24.59 miles]) (11/11/2019 7:34:41 AM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Summit
(13.22km away [8.21 miles]) (11/4/2019 9:45:02 PM UTC -)
0,6US Earthquake Summit
(13.85km away [8.61 miles]) (11/2/2019 5:20:21 PM UTC -)
1,5US Earthquake Summit
(26.34km away [16.37 miles]) (10/27/2019 9:37:11 PM UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Summit
(20.76km away [12.90 miles]) (10/14/2019 1:11:01 AM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Summit
(5.31km away [3.30 miles]) (10/11/2019 5:07:01 PM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Summit
(6.17km away [3.83 miles]) (10/4/2019 12:20:03 PM UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Summit
(19.42km away [12.07 miles]) (10/3/2019 4:23:14 PM UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake Summit
(33.10km away [20.57 miles]) (9/22/2019 10:00:32 PM UTC -)

Cities near Summit

US Cantwell10.87km away (6.76 miles)219 inhabitants
US Broad Pass (historical)13.09km away (8.14 miles)
US Colorado24.48km away (15.21 miles)
US McKinley Park45.86km away (28.50 miles)185 inhabitants
US Toklat50.92km away (31.64 miles)
US Lagoon53.53km away (33.26 miles)
US Chulitna54.64km away (33.95 miles)
US Garner55.90km away (34.73 miles)
US Healy59.01km away (36.67 miles)1 021 inhabitants
US Suntrana60.03km away (37.30 miles)
US Usibelli61.38km away (38.14 miles)
US Lignite64.55km away (40.11 miles)
US Gold Creek70.18km away (43.61 miles)
US Ferry76.28km away (47.40 miles)33 inhabitants
US Denali84.69km away (52.62 miles)
US Curry91.59km away (56.91 miles)
US Kantishna94.00km away (58.41 miles)
US Diamond (historical)107.63km away (66.88 miles)
US Chase110.06km away (68.39 miles)34 inhabitants
US Bearpaw113.67km away (70.63 miles)

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