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Earthquakes US South Naknek

Informations about South Naknek

CountryUnited States of America
RegionAlaska (AK/060)
CoordinatesLatitude : 58.71556
Longitude : -156.99806
Population79 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Anchorage (GMT -9h)

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Alternative names for South Naknek

  • Suworof Village
  • Suworof
  • Naknek
  • Naknek Village
  • Paugwik
  • Suwarof
  • English : South Naknek

Last earthquakes near South Naknek


10 last earthquakes around South Naknek

1,6US Earthquake South Naknek
(32.22km away [20.02 miles]) (6/27/2019 4:33:20 AM UTC -)
3US Earthquake South Naknek
(23.36km away [14.51 miles]) (5/22/2017 9:04:21 PM UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake South Naknek
(11.50km away [7.14 miles]) (2/11/2017 9:37:55 PM UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake South Naknek
(4.49km away [2.79 miles]) (4/1/2006 8:35:19 AM UTC -)
2,5US Earthquake South Naknek
(16.83km away [10.46 miles]) (5/3/2002 3:35:27 AM UTC -)
2,7US Earthquake South Naknek
(16.40km away [10.19 miles]) (5/3/2002 3:35:25 AM UTC -)
-1,05US Earthquake Katmai (historical)
(112.85km away [70.12 miles]) (1/16/2020 11:50:47 PM UTC -)
-0,83US Earthquake Katmai (historical)
(114.51km away [71.15 miles]) (1/16/2020 11:18:38 PM UTC -)
-0,09US Earthquake Savonoski (historical)
(89.92km away [55.88 miles]) (1/16/2020 10:32:22 PM UTC -)
-0,79US Earthquake Katmai (historical)
(113.60km away [70.59 miles]) (1/16/2020 8:41:49 PM UTC -)

Cities near South Naknek

US Naknek1.69km away (1.05 miles)544 inhabitants
US Savonoski7.66km away (4.76 miles)
US Libbyville7.70km away (4.78 miles)
US Koggiung16.86km away (10.48 miles)
US King Salmon19.70km away (12.24 miles)374 inhabitants
US Nakeen24.42km away (15.17 miles)
US Kvichak28.53km away (17.73 miles)
US Hallersville37.55km away (23.33 miles)
US Levelock45.09km away (28.02 miles)69 inhabitants
US Portage Creek46.58km away (28.95 miles)2 inhabitants
US Egegik59.85km away (37.19 miles)106 inhabitants
US Kokwok (historical)74.01km away (45.99 miles)
US Ekwok75.70km away (47.04 miles)118 inhabitants
US Kaskanak78.59km away (48.83 miles)
US New Stuyahok84.01km away (52.20 miles)526 inhabitants
US Tunravik87.03km away (54.08 miles)
US New Stuyarok87.59km away (54.42 miles)
US Kanulik (historical)89.08km away (55.35 miles)
US Nushagak89.82km away (55.81 miles)
US Clarks Point90.52km away (56.25 miles)62 inhabitants

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